Six IS members killed in attempt to attack security troops, south of Mosul

Iraqi troops attacking ISIS. File Photo

Salahuddin ( Six Islamic State militants were killed after attacking security troops at the outskirts of a village, in northwest of Shirqat town, DPA reported.

Using weapons, IS attackers attempted lifting the beseige imposed by security troops on al-Imam Gharbi village, a source of Salahuddin Operations Command told DPA on Sunday.

Shirqat, Salahuddin (google maps).

The eastern coast of Shirqat, which lies on the west bank of the Tigris river in Salahuddin province, is still under the IS control. The western side of the town, located south of Mosul, was liberated in September.

On Saturday, eighteen IS militants were killed as U.S.-led coalition jets shelled sites at Imam Gharbi village in Qayyarah town, south of Mosul city.

Earlier this month, two Iraqi journalists and a policeman were killed in an attack by IS against the village, while twenty-five tribal forces personnel were killed and injured in a previous attack by the militants after infiltration from Shirqat town, in north of Salahuddin province.

Security source said later that joint military units have managed to liberate 40%, while the remaining 60 percent are still held by IS.

Last week, another source said the militants stormed a number of houses in the village and arrested a number of civilians on charges of cooperation with government troops. The group also executed three fighters of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) in front of their families.

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