Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Suicide bombing in west of Anbar kills two

 Suicide bombing in west of Anbar kills two

Terrorist attack in Iraq. File photo.

Terrorist attack in Iraq.Archival photo.
File Photo

( ANBAR – A source in the border guard command in Anbar province announced on Sunday that two border police were killed and five others wounded in a suicide bombing attack that was targeted on their headquarters west of the province.

Speaking to Iraqi News the source said, “A booby trapped vehicle, driven by a suicide bomber, targeted the headquarters of the Second Battalion of the border guard command in Anbar, west of Ramadi.”

The source, seeking anonymity, added, “The bombing killed two officials of the Border Police and wounded five others. The headquarters was also damaged in the bombing.”

It is worth mentioning here that the border guard forces in Anbar province are exposed to such kinds of attacks quite often and the forces have suffered a number of casualties owing to these.

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