Ten ISIS prisons discovered in Fallujah

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Anbar – Fallujah Police Directorate announced about finding ten ISIS prisons containing the bodies of 13 victims during a search operations in Fallujah.

Fallujah Police Chief, Colonel Jamal al-Jumaili, in press statement said, “Security forces belonging to the army and police, during search operations in Fallujah discovered ten ISIS prisons inside civilians’ houses and government buildings in different areas of the city.”

“ISIS was using the prisons to torture and execute the innocent civilians. 13 decomposed bodies were found inside the prisons,” he added.

Jumaili further added, “The security forces are conducting search operations and securing the residential areas where the prisons were found. The prisons contained quarries and secret hideouts that were used by ISIS to hide the abductees for executing in the future.”


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  1. Nothing to do with religion my a*s! Its you people who are islamaphobes in that you fear calling out islam for what it really is! ISIS is islam!

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