Twenty Islamic State militants killed as two attacks repulsed in Mosul

Islamic State militants

Nineveh ( The police in Nineveh have repulsed an Islamic State attack, killing three militants and arrested five others in southeast of Mosul, a security source said on Thursday.

“Security troops thwarted an IS attack and killed three militants in a security operation in Makhmur town, southeast of Mosul,” the police source told the Iraqi News Agency. “Their weapons in their possession were confiscated.”

The source also said “security troops launched a campaign that resulted in arresting five militants who were possessing fake identity cards in Makhmur.”

The militants, according to the source, were referred to investigations.
Moreover, security personnel in Nineveh have killed seventeen IS members, an army general told the Turkish Anadolu agency.
“Three vehicles carrying seventeen IS members attacked, after midnight, a convoy of security troops composed of five vehicles in a village in Badush region, west of Mosul,” Lt. Gen. Abdul Khaleq al-Bahadli said.
“Armed confrontations broke out and lasted for almost half an hour, leaving all the militants killed and their vehicles destroyed. Their weapons were confiscated. Three security personnel were wounded,” he added.
Hundreds of IS members, according to Bahadli, “are there in Tigris River and Badush regions, where the militants hide in their havens.”

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