Two Islamic State hideouts destroyed in air raids on Diyala province

Iraqi soldiers celebrate victory over Islamic State

Diyala ( Iraqi warplanes destroyed on Wednesday two Islamic State hideouts and 24 barrels of weapons in Diyala, a military commander said.

“Acting upon accurate intelligence information, the Iraqi Air Force launched a series of airstrikes on Islamic State hideouts in the depth of Hamrin town in Diyala, destroying two IS hotbeds and two other armored vehicles,” Commander of the Tigris Operations Lieutenant General Mezher al-Azzawi told IKH News on Wednesday.

“The troops also killed all IS militants who were hiding inside the armored vehicles and destroyed two motorbikes and 25 barrels filled with weapons and ammunition,” Azzawi added.

He pointed out that Islamic State cells have sustained heavy losses over the past period throughout Diyala province.

Last week, infighting was reported among leader of Islamic State in several regions in Diyala, including Hamreen, Waqf basin, al-Zour and al-Nada basin, with each leader seeking dominating the whole group.

“IS cells in Diyala disappeared after their military presence is eliminated. Only sporadic cells are there,” Sadiq al-Husseini, the head of the security committee of Diyala provincial council, said.

On Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared final victory over Islamic State three years after the militant group captured about a third of Iraq’s territory.

The war against IS has displaced at least five million people. Thousands others fled towards neighboring countries including Syria, Turkey and other European countries, since IS emerged to proclaim its self-styled “caliphate”.

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