Two Islamic State members arrested, south of Mosul: Defense Ministry

Iraqi forces patrol an area in Iraq during a military operation to push out Islamic State. File Photo

Nineveh ( The Iraqi Defense Ministry has announced arresting two Islamic State members in an ambush, south of Mosul.

In a statement on Friday, the ministry said “the military intelligence managed, through an ambush, to arrest two militants in al-Jedeida village in Hammam al-Alil region, south of Mosul.”

The militants, according to the statement, “are wanted for judiciary and were extradited to authorities in question.”

On Thursday, the Interior Ministry said six Islamic State members were arrested in west of Mosul. One of them was working for the group’s Hisbah (Vigilantism) department, while the group was in control of the town.

On Wednesday, the Defense Ministry announced arresting a terrorist cell of Islamic State members in al-Shoura region, south of Mosul. On the same day, a senior source from Nineveh Operations Command said thirteen militants were killed in a wide-scale security operation in Kan’ous village, located between Qayyarah and Shirqat towns, south of the city.

Last week, the Nineveh Operations Command said sixteen Islamic State members were arrested in a security operation in south of Mosul. Moreover, the military intelligence announced arresting one of the militant group’s funders in northwest of Mosul. The Interior Ministry also said eight militants were arrested in an operation in west of the city.

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