U.S. denies involvement in recent attacks on Iraqi paramilitary group


Washington ( – The U.S. military denied on Tuesday that it carried out a series of airstrikes on weapons depots of Iraq’s paramilitary Popular Mobilization Forces in the town al-Qaem, northwest of Iraq.

“U.S. forces did not conduct the recent attack on a convoy or any recent attacks that resulted in the explosion of ammunition storage facilities in Iraq,” Chief Pentagon Spokesperson for the Department of Defense Jonathan Rath Hoffmansaid said in a press statement.

“We support Iraqi sovereignty and have repeatedly spoken out against any potential actions by external actors inciting violence in Iraq.”

Hoffmansaid stressed that the government of Iraq “has the right to control their own internal security and protect their democracy.”

“As guests of Iraq, U.S. forces operate at the invitation of the Iraqi government and comply with all laws and directions,” he added.

Iraq President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohamed al Halboussi held a meeting on Monday, during which they condemned air strikes that hit weapons depots belonging to paramilitary Popular Mobilization Forces.

The three leaders called the strikes an “attack on Iraqi sovereignty” and called for national unity.

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