Urgent: Federal Police announces its control on ISIS defenses east of Ramadi

The Commander of the federal police forces Raed Shakir
The Commander of the federal police forces Raed Shakir

( Baghdad – On Monday, Federal Police Captain Raed Shakir Jawdat announced the control on ISIS defenses east of Ramadi, pointing to the killing and wounding of four elements of the organization after being targeted by SPG9 missile.

Jawdat said in a statement received by, “The security forces have advanced in the military operations in the eastern axis of the city of Ramadi, after controlling ISIS defenses in Husaybah area (7 km east of Ramadi).”

Jawdat added, “A force of the federal police managed to kill three snipers belonging to ISIS and wounding another after targeting their shelter by SPG9 missile in Madyaq area east of Ramadi.”

The commander of the Federal Police Forces, Raed Shakir Jawdat, announced on Sunday the killing of 12 ISIS elements, as well as the dismantling of eight booby-trapped houses and 45 explosive devices in the city of Ramadi.

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  1. The SPG-9 Kopye (Spear) is a Russian tripod-mounted man-portable, 73 millimetre calibre recoilless gun developed by the Soviet Union. It fires fin-stabilised, rocket-assisted HE and HEAT projectiles similar to those fired by the 73 mm 2A28 Grom low pressure gun of the BMP-1 armored vehicle. It was accepted into service in 1962.

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