URGENT: Iraqi Army begins operation to free 400 soldiers trapped by ISIS in Saqlawiyah

Lt. Gen. Rashid Flaih, Anbar Operations Commander.
Lt. Gen. Rashid Flaih, Anbar Operations Commander.

( On Saturday, a source in the Anbar Operations Command revealed the start of a military operation led by the province’s chief of operations Lt. Gen. Rashid Flaih to lift the siege on 400 officers and soldiers surrounded by elements of the organization ISIS in Saqlawiyah north of Fallujah.

The source said in an interview for that”a force from the leadership of the first rapid intervention task force composed of 400 officers and soldiers fought a fierce battle with the terrorist elements of ISIS in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah,” noting that “their ammunition has ran out and they were besieged by ISIS two days ago. ”

The military source, who requested to remain anonymous, added that “the commander of the Anbar Operations Lt. Gen. Rashid Flaih led a military operation backed by army aviation to lift the siege on the trapped officers and soldiers,” indicating that “confrontations and violent clashes are underway to lift the siege on them.”


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  1. Stupid comment from darktimes, kill these kufar daesh wherever you find them. you are the army of the country; the jaish of al Mahdi

  2. Yes Alijawaad Murtaza, ISIS are “cut throats” driven by a vehicle of madness. Best way to stop any vehicle from going anywhere is to take it’s wheels off. Most effective tool Iraq has in defeating! ISIS is to deny it fuel. Which in this case is black market petrol “stolen” from Iraq’s own oil fields. Hoping Baghdad would consider bombing any petrol production facilities currently under ISIS control. Deny any nation either profiting from the sales of black market petrol, or allowing it’s citizens to contribute donations to ISIS access to Iraq’s economy. If ISIS can’t buy weapon’s, they shall be unable to arm their gang of cut throats. Finally Assad forces, & Iraq’s Army must coordinate their attacks on ISIS.

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