URGENT: ISIS controls Anbar Education Directorate building in Ramadi


( On Tuesday, Anbar Police Department officers announced that the militants of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) managed to control the Anbar Directorate of Education building in the center of Ramadi. Violent clashes are still ongoing between militants and security forces.

Colonel Hamid Chanduch said in an interview for, “ISIS militants have taken control of Anbar Education Directorate building located directly behind the government compound, downtown Ramadi,” and added, “They are dramatically advancing toward the government compound.”

Chanduch added, “Violent clashes are still ongoing between militants in control of the education building and elements of the security forces entrenched in government compound.”

The officer in leadership of Anbar police, Col. Hamid Chanduch on Tuesday confirmed that the security situation improved in downtown Ramadi, noting that there are clashes between security forces and elements of the organization ISIS in two areas of the city.


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  1. If you see big groups whay you wait to send help in town ? I read 2000 isis members attack Ramadi , how many peoples defense city ? Defence is easier then attack . 2000 Iraq army must be enough to protect town , watch Kobani , 30% womans ,no hard weapons , without ammunition but with big heart and courage to defence city . On every ISIS attack you must have ready new force to help immediately . I wish you victory , now is very important to show ISIS no more lend for you , we are strong and ready to defeat you !

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