URGENT: ISIS executes woman, holds more than 7 women near Baquba

z2Baquba ( On Tuesday a local source in Diyala province said that the so-called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed the first woman in the southern suburbs of Saadia northeast of Baquba, noting that ISIS held more than 7 women under many pretexts.

The source said in an interview for that “the militants ISIS executed the first woman firing squad in the southern suburbs of Saadia (60 km north-east of Baquba),” indicating that “this came under the pretext of that the woman was working as a guardian of security in one of the governmental departments before the seizure of the region by the organization ISIS.”

The source, who requested anonymity, said that “according to the information available, ISIS held from 7-10 women, some of them the wives of associates in the security forces or employees  that were being detained in earlier times under many pretexts.”


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