URGENT: Peshmerga forces liberate Khazar axis from ISIS

Peshmerga forces file photo
Peshmerga forces file photo.

( Baghdad – On Thursday, a Kurdish security source announced, that Peshmerga forces have liberated Khazar axis (40 km east of Mosul) from the ISIS, pointing out to the killing and the escape of a number of ISIS elements during the liberation operation.

The source said in a statement obtained by “Peshmerga forces managed to free all regions of the axis of Khazar (40 km east of Mosul), which was under the control of the ISIS,” indicating to “The killing of a number of elements of the organization in the axis, while others have fled to escape.”

The source, who requested anonymity, added, “The areas, which have been liberated by Peshmerga forces in Khazar axis, are the village of Tal al-Aswad, Mnkouba, Hassan al-Sham, and other areas in the axis.”

Noteworthy, Peshmerga forces have been battling with ISIS in many areas outside the Kurdistan region, including Makhmur, Zammar, Sinjar, Kirkuk and Diyala.


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