US-led coalition airstrike kills 10 ISIS members near Mosul

Coalition aircraft while conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.
Coalition aircraft while conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

( Nineveh – Nineveh Operations Command announced on Wednesday, that ten ISIS members were killed in an air strike carried out by the international coalition air force in Qayyarah vicinity, south of Mouth.

The command said in a press statement, “Today, the international coalition aircraft bombarded a headquarters of ISIS in Kharaeb Jabr village in Qayyarah, killing ten ISIS members.”

“The bombardment also resulted in the destruction of the headquarters completely,” the statement added.

The Islamic State group captured the city of Mosul in 10 June 2014, before extending its terrorist activity to other areas in Iraq.

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  1. The longer they wait to attack Mosul the lower the Iraqi civilians held hostage moral will be. They have been waiting for years and watched other citys be freed now to have theirs stalled because of red tape. They waited so long and let ISIS dig in. Just get it over with and retake Mosul. You can build temperary housing while any damage in Mosul is fixed. Stop waiting for so long!

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