US-led coalition provides Iraq with anti-aircraft system to fight ISIS drones

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Baghdad – The Spokesman for the anti-ISIS international coalition, Colonel John Dorian, revealed on Thursday, that the US department of Defense provided the Iraqi troops with an anti-aircraft system to defend against the ISIS drones.

Dorian said in a press statement, “The anti-aircraft system ‘Drone Defender’ is well-developed and capable to monitor and bombard the drones used by the ISIS against Iraqi and coalition forces.”

“ISIS is usually using drones against the coalition’s troops; these drones are small-sized and available in markets, and do not represent a threat to the coalition’s forces,” Dorian added.

“There are 12 Iraqi military brigades besieging the city of Mosul, in preparation to liberate it from the ISIS grip,” Dorian explained. “Iraqi government established 20 internally displaced people camps to accommodate the families that will migrate from Mosul after the beginning of the battle,” Dorian continued.

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