Islamic State video depicts final hours of Yazidi child suicide bombers

Two Yazidi minors shown in an Islamic State propaganda video before committing a suicide bombing

Baghdad ( A latest propaganda video posted by the Islamic State media has depicted the last words of two Yazidi young boys recruited by the group before they carried out a suicide bombing.

The video, slightly above 26 minutes, which bears the logo of the group’s so-called “Nineveh Province” media, shows in its middle two young Yazidi boys telling how they converted from their faith to Islam, and recounting the orientation and training the extremist group had provided to them.

The two are kneeling on the ground, leaning to their Klashinkovs. One of them, who introduced himself as Amjad (Abu Yusuf) al-Sinjari, explained how their earlier Yazidi faith was a sort of “devil-worshipping” and a representation of “ignorance” and paganism. He gratefully recounts how they joined the Islamic State where they felt the difference and were introduced to a sound creed.

Once engaged with the group, al-Sinjari said they were enrolled in its “religious institute”, where they were taught the group’s doctrine before they were transferred to a training camp in al-Sham ( an old Islamic term for Greater Syria). There, they pledged allegiance to the commanders and enlisted in the suicide attackers squad.

“We want to charge at the enemies of Allah and tear through them even if they were our parents,” he said.

The other child, who identified himself as Asaad, carrying the nom de guerre “Abu Khattab”, said he belonged to the village of Tal Kasba, Sinjar. “Though, in Sinjar, we were neither short of money nor dwelling, we lacked ‘tawheed’ (monotheism),” Abu Khattab stated. “Here, with the Islamic State, we have neither money nor dwelling, but we have tawheed,” he said.

“God willing, me and my brother shall tear into enemies of Allah and carry out a martyrdom (suicide) attack,” he said.

Next, the pair is seen grinning while boarding an IS-manufactured armoured vehicle laden with a huge amount of explosives The drive it before the video shifts to an aerial view, presumably filmed by the group’s homemade drones, showing the trapped vehicle parking too close to a military vehicle and exploding.

A minor Islamic State fighter opening a group-made armored vehicle before carrying out a suicide bombing.

Since it took over several areas in Iraq and Syria to proclaim an “Islamic Caliphate”, Islamic State has been notorious for drafting young children for its combat operations. Some as young as four years were even shown in videos carrying out executions of the group’s captives.

Thousands of Yazidi Kurds fled Sanjar, a Mosul region on the borders with Syria, to nearby mountain areas following its fall to Islamic State militants in August 2014. The extremist group massacred, enslaved and tortured thousands of that ethno-religious minority, which prompted the international community to urge protection for the ethno-religious minority.

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