Video: Results of Mosul offensive after 11 days of battle

( Nineveh – The Iraqi army, backed by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the international coalition air force continued its victories in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from the Islamic State’s (ISIS) occupation. The offensive that was launched on the 17th of October has so far inflicted heavy losses on ISIS, Youm7 reported on Thursday.

An infographic published earlier by Iraqi News revealed that around 5,000 fighters belonging to ISIS occupy the city of Mosul, and 65,000 Iraqi soldiers divided into 6 divisions are expected to participate in the liberation battle, in addition to around 10,000 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and 24,000 members of Nineveh Police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia.

Few hours after the start of Mosul offensive, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul to the Syrian territories, along with hundreds of the group’s members and their families, after surviving a coup attempt by the so-called Islamic Police in Mosul and summoning “al-Assra Army” to suppress the coup.

More than 800 members of the ISIS were killed during the direct confrontations against the Iraqi army, in addition to 58 militants who were executed for collaborating with security forces.

Meanwhile, Iraqi joint security forces managed in the last 11 days to liberate nearly 80 villages in the city of Mosul, as well as destroying 127 booby-trapped vehicles and dismantling 397 improvised explosive devices.

The security forces also destructed more than 40 ISIS defense positions, 3 tunnels and a headquarters, in addition to confiscating 36 mortar cannons and 16 armed vehicles.

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