We will help Iraq to retake Ramadi if it falls to ISIS, says Pentagon

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Pentagon says the U.S. would help Iraq to take back Ramadi if it falls to ISIS.

( The Pentagon said that the U.S.-led international coalition would support Iraqi forces to retake the city of Ramadi if it fell in the hands of the ISIS militants.

Pentagon spokesman Elissa Smith stated, “Ramadi has been contested since last summer and ISIL now has the advantage,” adding that the loss of Ramadi would not mean the military campaign is turning in the ISIS militants’ favor. “That just means the coalition will have to support Iraqi forces to take it back later,” Smith said, asserting that the U.S. will help Iraq to regain control over the city.

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  1. I know that the international coalition will be there to help Iraq till ALL of Iraq has been liberated from ISIS, so yes they will be there even to help Iraq liberate Ramadi. Well I do know as my country is part of the international coalition and I’m here to keep an eye on my country to see that it is helping Iraq.

  2. i hope that they will extend their help to iraq asap. Many people old and young are suffering and died. I just hope that all muslim there to be one. Shiaa or sunnie, they should help each other and together they fight this isis.

  3. Comment: I believe the Isis is the product of Israel and Jews .they wan keep the middle east in turmoil forever and control its resources directly or indirectly for their own benifit

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