URGENT: ISIS builds “Caliphate Wall” around Mosul


( An informed source in Nineveh province stated Wednesday, that elements of the ISIS group have dug a number of trenches around the city of Mosul, named the “Caliphate Wall,” to counter any sudden attacks by the Iraqi Army forces and the Volunteer Fighters (al-Hashd al-Sha’bi).

The source informed, “A few months ago, ISIS elements started digging trenches around Mosul for the purpose of countering any military operations to liberate the city from their grip,” noting that, “The elements are still digging trenches around the city to be connected with each other and call them ‘The Caliphate Wall’.”

The source added, “ISIS is using Mosul’s young men to build the wall, granting them financial rewards of up to 600.000 dinars, while imposing punishments against those who refuse to participate.”

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Air Force planes dropped leaflets on the city of Mosul to alert citizens that the zero hour is very close.


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  1. Carpet bombings of the areas occupied by terrorists is the only way forward to defeat Takfiris and their sponsors across the globe. Brutality can only be defeated with brutality. Further, if the USA and its western allies do not obliterate the epicentres of terrorism (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and Pakistan), the terrorism will continue without any hurdles.

  2. É impressionante a ousadia destes terroristas.Nações muito fortes estão patrocinando economicamente estes terroristas pois a cada dia conseguem sobreviver aos constantes ataques das nações mais poderosas do globo como EUA,FRANÇA,CANADÁ,AUSTRÁLIA E OUTRAS.É impossível estes malditos sobreviverem tanto tempo causando grandes destruições e mortes se não tivessem apoio econômico.Por que ninguém informa quais as nações que estão financiando estes terroristas???

  3. It’s amazing the audacity of these are economically very strong terroristas.Nações sponsoring these terrorists because every day can survive the constant attacks of the most powerful nations of the globe such as USA, FRANCE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND OUTRAS.É impossible these damned survive so long causing large destruction and death if they did not support econômico.Por no one tells which nations are funding these terrorists ???

  4. Os judeus israelenses (judeus, pois os isralenses arabes nao fariam) aliados aos arabes sauditas estao financiando e dando apoio balistico (apoio com balas) aos terroristas que foram criados pelos Estados Unidos e os lacaios da UE. Enquanto isso, na Palestina ocupada pelos judeus vindos do mundo inteiro…

  5. I’m getting great satisfaction at seeing the ISIS cross dressing cowards get what they deserve. A brutal just deserved death and eternity in hell.

  6. Wow A LOT of these comments are really racist and filled with hatred of Islam. I feel like I could easily be reading a KKK forum or something.

    It’s clear to see that hatred of radical Islam is changing into hatred of Muslims.

  7. There days are numbered. 30000 brave Iraqi soldiers including the shia militias were able to retake tikrit in days. Tikrit has the most skilled sis monsters Due to the bathist loyal to sadam In which help train and command Isis terrorist in tikrit.
    The plan for Mosul is that 80000 troops will attack from all side and this time with air support fRom the coalition forces. keep in mind tikrit was taken with out air support!

  8. They are digging trenches and constructing caliphate wall around but they forget that braver youngsters will offer them a deep grave to take rest for rest of their lives if it happens and hypocratic US doesnot help them for a safe corridoor.

  9. CLESIO – ISIS robbed everything they could rob in the areas they occupied in Syria and Iraq. That includes the banks and buisnesses, churches mosques, museums and anything else that had items worth any money and sold that on the black market. Also they got any oil that they could from the oil well and they captured a large oil refinery in Iraq, then they transported oil and fuel over borders in tanker trucks and sold oil and fuel on the black market.
    ISIS also got money from all over the world and ISIS used the internet to communicate with anyone who wanted to give ISIS any money.

    CLESIO – ISIS roubaram tudo o que podiam roubar nas áreas que ocupavam na Síria e no Iraque. Isso inclui os bancos e buisnesses, igrejas mesquitas, museus e tudo o que tinham itens que valem dinheiro e vendi que no mercado negro. Além disso eles tem todo o óleo que poderiam do poço de petróleo e eles capturaram uma grande refinaria de petróleo no Iraque, então transportado óleo e combustível através das fronteiras em caminhões-tanque e de óleo e combustível vendido no mercado negro.
    ISIS também recebia dinheiro de todo o mundo e ISIS usou a internet para se comunicar com qualquer um que queria dar ISIS qualquer dinheiro.

    Ludmila Capriani – ISIS got all the weapons and ammunition for a war ISIS got from Syria and Iraq. This from all the army soldiers, police, police stations, military bases and stores that ISIS captured in all the area it conquered, even from here so have a read of this.

    Ludmila Capriani – ISIS tem todas as armas e munições para uma guerra ISIS tem da Síria e do Iraque. Isto de todos os soldados do exército, polícia, delegacias, bases e lojas de militares que ISIS capturados em toda a área conquistou, mesmo de aqui assim que tem uma leitura desta.

  10. These group of jihadist, terrorist ISIS SO LOVE DEATH, Death Now is knocking on Mosul’s DOOR. Next ISIS IN SYRIA NO CHANCE FOR VICTORY YOUR COMPLETE DESTRUCTION IS NEAR, How can Isis Win – No FIGHTER Plane, Almost All powerful nations against you, But most of ALL JESUS IS YOUR ENEMY BCOZ YOU ARE DESTROYING HIS CREATION -HUMAN BEING THE TEMPLE OF GOD,. GLORY TO GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC & JACOB….

  11. I am not in favour of any revenge.
    However what were they doing all this time ?
    If they were helping and cooperating with ISI what they expect from people who
    suffered being patriot but not
    in majority in Mosul.

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