Confrontations occur, as SDF announces last operation against IS, east of Euphrates

FILE PHOTO: Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters ride on vehicles in the north of Raqqa city, Syria February 5, 2017. REUTERS/Rodi Said/File Photo

Baghdad ( Syrian opponent activists have said that fierce confrontations are ongoing in east of Euphrates, as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are backed by the U.S., progress toward Islamic State’s last bastion there.

According to the activists from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, fierce clashes are ongoing in Hegeen town, which is a main Islamic State bastion in Deir Az-Zour province.

SDF gained control over the past 24 hours on the western and northern parts of the region, in addition to al-Bagouz axis, which is adjacent to the borders with Iraq.

Heavy shelling and airstrikes by the U.S.-led Coalition escort the confrontations, according to the activists, who confirmed that people from both sides were killed.

SDF lost, at least, ten members, one of whom was a field leader with Deiz Az-Zour military council, while 27 militants were killed during the first 24 hours of operations.

Hegeen has been almost empty of people, after most of the residents fled due to the shelling through safe exits for civilians who seek leaving, the activists added.

SDF arrested, few days ago, 29 Islamic State members and their families in Deir Az-Zour, as per the observatory.
Each of the Coalition and SDF said announced earlier today the launch operations, east of Euphrates.

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