URGENT – 30,000 Indians volunteer to fight in Iraq to defend Shia shrines

Abu Dujana al Hindi is shown at left, next to Nasser Muthanna, who now refers to himself as "Abu Muthanna al Yemeni."
Abu Dujana al Hindi is shown at left, next to Nasser Muthanna, who now refers to himself as “Abu Muthanna al Yemeni” appeared in an ISIL Jihad recruitment video. Now, Shia organizations are recruiting fighters to defend Shia holy sites against ISIL attack.

( The conflict between Iraq’s government and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has begun to spread concerns throughout the region, particularly in India. Last week, the country was concerned over the unknown whereabouts of 40 Indian construction workers. The workers were in a territory that had been captured by the terrorist group ISIS.

Now, new concerns have emerged as India’s largest Shia organization began to recruit volunteers to defend Shia holy shrines in Iraq that may soon fall into the hands of ISIS. It is estimated that nearly 30,000 Indian Shia Muslims have already signed up to fight and applied for visas to fly into Iraq.

Various Indian Shia Muslim organizations are hoping that recruitment can build a force strong enough to defend the holy shrines against ISIS, as there are more than 50 million Shia Muslims in India led by those closely tied to Iran and Iraq.

India’s Shias said they would not stand by while Karbala is attacked again. Their recruits include bankers, students, doctors and engineers and their leaders have written to the Indian government to stress Isis’ support for terrorist attacks in India too.

“We have nearly 30,000 volunteers who have filled in the forms and given their passports and are ready to go any moment. Another hundred thousand have got in touch with us and have pledged their support. We are looking at a million volunteers to form a human chain around the holy shrines of Karbala and Najaf, in case the Isis attacks. We will do everything to stop the advance of the enemies”, said Syed Bilal, spokesman of Anjuman-e-Haideri which protects Delhi’s own ‘Karbala’ shrine.

“The volunteers are educated young men from different backgrounds. We do not plan to train them in arms. We will go there to fight them bare handed”, he added.

As reported by, Iran has previously vowed that Shia holy shrines in Iraq will be defended at almost any cost – particularly in Karbala and Najaf, where ISIS leaders have claimed they will attempt to capture the holy sites. Millions of Shia Muslim pilgrims travel to the revered sites each year.


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    • No Sir it let me clear u it is its neighbour Pakistan’s policy. They export terror to China, India, Afghanistan, US, UK. They call them strategic Assets. If terror got out of control from Pak army then they call them Bad Terrorist and disown them.


  1. indian govt shall not allow these people any passport………… Passport may be revoked if anyone found to have traveled and joined such organization……..If anyone joins such adventure they should remain in Iraq for rest of their life and should be allowed to return to India………

  2. Iam ready for islam do good.please donot try to separate syia and sunni but they are islam.other communities made enemies to islam and fighting sunni and syia is policy of american .if both sunni and syia fight then islam will become weak then other communuties easily defeat upon lastly want to say that minded person arrange them to one.

      • We dont agree. We want this Shitty people to die fighting each other. Sunni vs Shia. And end this violent religion

        • I don’t understand abt this religion,, anywhere in the world violent happening is by islam? Is this religion knows or teach,, only killing? Is their god a murderer? If not then y is these hapening only with islam?
          Whatever happen I love those innocent people…May God protect them

        • pradeep i have to disagree with your statment islam does not teach violence, the terrorists do they change religion and every religion has its extremists Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism

  3. It is not good that a muslim kil a muslim .Use your mind and consider it.It is preplaned by weston(America).purpose is oil& natural gases .why no america interfare in tibbat,syria,ukrain.

    • muslims countries are easy options for american govt bcz saudi is helping them in funding those terrorist.for tibet they cant say anything bcz china and america are not good friends.if they would do something for syria,russia without taking time attack saudi arabia..and ukraine i think for the same reason..let me tell u more interesting facts prince bandar of saudi arabia went russia to meet president putin of russia and he said if you will not support us then russia has to face radical islam.Putin literally showed him his way by telling people thats he will attack saudi and if russia needs help china would might support him.americans are also sick with its govt.

    • so do you mean that it is good for a muslim to kill only non-muslim?????? you sound evil… this is not about what kind of religion you have, this is about these murderous people kills people when it please them….. or people in there divergence!!! at least shia muslim are more moderate and more considerate muslims… sunni’s are evilness!!!!

  4. I am American, and in my country we are trying to use solar energy and battle corrupt oil companies and Jewish Israelis that run our media and make Americans feel hatred to Muslims. We understood our country has been taken over. We don’t want to fight Muslims, we want to stop buying oil and polluting the world. We have a serious corruption problem and we are so very sorry to invade iraq and want Muslims to live happy lives! We need help overcoming our corrupt government and we must work together to end global warming and restore our atmosphere. We all breath the same air, and we must preserve our water as well. Let’s make peace and work for a happy future!

    • U r right patrick ,,becoz of America’s invasion to Iraq its all this hapening ,,cant help system is corrupt n innocent people r dying ,,n ur president says we r nt sending our troops to Iraq becoz it wil destroy world peace..

      • U r a good man patrick. However, all of ur people dont think like u… U people are just greedy.

        I am an Indian, and I am proud to be an Indian, but I dont like ur country policies.

    • Kindly Correct your Knowledge, The Total Shia Muslims in India are between 30-38% of the whole Muslim Population as per 2014 Census…

  5. I support ISIS, Shias have bought their own fate by colluding with USA against Saddam Hussain. All the shrines built around the graves of pious and respected Islamic figures should be destroyed as it is a shirk and not acceptable at any cost, All the best ISIS!!!

    • Dear Dawud Khan. It is clear evident that People Like you Nauzubillah will Destroy Shrine of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H), I think that this is your real motive….

    • Dawud Khan, Bastards like you are curse of this earth, Very soon your ISIS terrorists will get 70 virgins because we have decided to kill all your ISIS Saudi fathers.

    • Wait n watch how isil will be ruined Those who wants isil first give pousioned to your ladies if it take over the whole world They will start zinnakari i knew it will never happened but its example for the supporters of isil They r the f*****g dogs they are not the muslims they r the enemies of islam

      • A handful is enough for u people.
        Just keep barking….. U r only mean for that.
        U r 70%. We are 15%, but guess what we still rule u.

    • Sir Iam sorry you feel this way, ALLAHUMDULILLA I’m a sunni. I would ask you to research islam and see how it came to Asia and brought it and why, I am not going to argue with you but ask you to find out if at any time did our beloved messenger,ssallalhu alaihi wasallam cursed any body, whether muslin or not let alone kill some one and these isis are saying they are muslim, I hope and pray they rot in hell, Inshallah they will be defeated and when the might of islam arrives it will be United under 1 banner no isis, isil or what ever these American agents want to be called, I call them fools…

      • We will Definitly finish ur ISIS dawud khan..dont think so u r more powerfull…just wait and watch…….

  6. Asalmualikum-warahmatulahi-matuallahi wabarkatehu….. its just d policy of d anti Muslim groups…. they are using Shia sun etc terms to make confusion n critical situation between Shia n sunni communities…… there is no community no barrier no Shia sunni in islam……… d people who r trying to use Shia sunni terms r not muslims…… Islam is the religion of peace……

  7. 98 ho change 99.99 hamara ek shia big Tom kafiro ki puri fauj k lie kafi hai
    mukhtar nama padho
    labbaik yaa Hussain

  8. This is not a fight of shia sunni…this is all happening because we are allowing yazeed e waqt (America) to interfere in our lives…. our politicians just need money and america feed them and they just bark and take that bone (money).
    We all are muslim we should not fight like this…
    All holy shrines (In Iran, Iraq, Sham) are important as masjid e NABWI and KHANA E QABA…
    GOD will help us…INSHAHALLAH…
    Salam ya HUSSAIN a.s

    • Mohammed cant do nothing in it. ISIS will be defeated and everybody knows that. This is the eternal truth. I wish ISIS had brains enough to understand this. Nothing will be left and all of them will be mass murdered. May God Bless the Universe with peace and happiness and take these evil Jihadi’s to hell where then can get 72 demons kick their big fat asses… 🙂

  9. Any country getting involved in the fight against the ISIS, will open up the Doors, for all the Sunnis, to help ISIS, in the form of both men and machine. Considering the fact, that the Sunnis constitute about 88-90% of the 1.5 Billion Muslims, I think it would be a bad idea for Indian Shias, or Shias from any other country, to directly or indirectly get involved in the Iraq conflict, for this will open the Pandoras box, and legitamize, the 50+ Sunni nations, to get involved in this quagmire to help ISIS Jihadists with Men and sophisticated Weapons, to which the Shia Militia and.Shia Army will be no match, even if there are a million Shias. In conclusion I would suggest, that Iraq be divided as soon as possible, before all hell break loose, and Iraq slips out of the Shias hands for good.

  10. It’s really said that all this things are happening in Iraq and innocent people of various countries are killing by the terrorist.
    I am from India. Here all the people are sad because of this news and their are various family and people who belongs to Iraq and their close ones just wants to hear news about them.

    God Say All Of Them……

  11. THESE all are sigsn of Qayamat ,a time has come of imam mehdi & hazrat esa will come soon & destroy & kill all jews & there agents .jews behind the all thing happening in iqar,syria,afganistan,

  12. Mr. Ali – The holy shrines of Karbala and Najaf are very sacred to not only shias but sunnis too. Would you like to sit back and see these holy shrines are destroyed in this Sectarian war. Ofcourse somebody has to initiate. So if you dont support atleast dont talk crap about it.
    Mr. Dawud – Thanks for going against Shia’s, this confidence if you have showed in bringing the two sects together would have worked wonder in raising the spirits and strength of our religion Islam. Ofcourse people like you support such rude, radical and harsh terrorist organization who can go on killing spree even if their ancestors were shia or supported peace.
    People, its a great divide that has been rigged in by terrorist groups and Foreign interest. Look how easy a person can be killed, this indicates that our hearts have turned stones. But If our holy shrines are endangered why cant we go and stand against the enemy. Its a shame that some of people havent learnt from Sacrifice of Imam Hussain a.s. and his household at the battle of Kerbala. It differentiates who is yazidi and who is Hussaini. I am proud of my country India where Shias and Sunnis live with peace and harmony inspite of the differences we posses but we dont go killing eachother due to our practice or faith. I am also proud of those 30,000 Indians who choose to stand for our Holy Shrines in Kerbala with Ammunation this shows we love humanity and dont believe in shedding innocences blood.

  13. Dear Sir,
    People cannot live without religion and the religious persons were always there to use it for their needs. No body is bothered about the truth lies behind all the religions, if they understand then where is the dispute. The ignorance towards the religion which is being followed by the believers is the right tool in the hands of the religious leaders to exploit them. The hatred between the Shia or Sunni is due to the ignorance of Islam itself and so is the case for every believer of the world. The religious leaders are themselves donot understand their religion but to grind the axe they never waste an opportunity so trivial it may be. The Hindu religious head,one Shankaracharya has stared the same in India about The Sai and Ram , from his speech it is clear that he donot know abc about the Ram but still he is sowing the seeds which are going to yield fruits.

  14. #Daudkham suar ki olad tere jaise hi atankwadi bante h aur kutte ki mot marte hain. Lanat ho teri naslo par aur tujh par.


    • Hinduism means love,respect and……………………… india will be more peace without neighbour pakistan

  16. Labaik ya Hossain …….. I am from India Hyderabad I am ready to fight against ISIS (KAFIRS).

    SHIA IS THE SYMBOL OF ISLAM ………. SUNNI (ISIS) is the symbol or “”TERRORISM””(Killing innocent of peoples)

  17. ayushman bludy f****r you are wrong we don’t need freedom we are always with Pakistan im Baloch i proud to be a Pakistani
    I live in Sindh and here all Sindhi’s and Baloch’s love Pakistan and are ready to fight against the enemies of Pakistan we don’t need freedom we are already independent Love you Pakistan live long life
    Sindhi Punjabi Pathan Baloch Kashmiri Baltistani = Pakistan

  18. keep it up bro ,,I do agreed with Ayusman and well said.Pakistan is a failed state,feed by is a hub of terrorism….one thing i never undestand why some illetrated ,dumb,discusting people make comparison of my great nation india with terrorist state pakistan…What EVER IS HAPPENING IN IRAQ …got nothing to do with india or pakistan…..KEEP Peace and Sindi punjabi pathan teri maa di fudi bajaye Ford tractor de bonat te rakh ke BURAAAAAA!!!INDIA IS GREAT,,,MODI IS KING…lOVE YOU INDIA…HATE YOU PAKISTAN…It will takes million centuries for pakistan to even stand on there own feet instead of taking bribes and $$$$

    • Im not pakistan.. im from malaysia.. for me india is poor state and i hate your hindu president he is anti islam

  19. maloon pakis,i am an indian muslim,u b*****d pakis,u r not a country,u people r groups of terrorist,smugglers. Dacoit and rapist ,now u can see pak an international supplier of bad people and dont even think to move against india u rascle f****r pakis r u forget the hard slap of indira gandhi on ur pak face due to which u broke down into two pieces now modi is more strong than indira then think in how many pieces u can be divided,u f****r,raascal,b*****d pakis u shioul worship to india beside us and provide ur sister and daughter to us we will provide food to u so u dogs can live like dog without bitting each other,pee on ur grave,BY AN INDIAN ANAS IBRAHIM ANSARI

    • you are not muslim u r hindu with fake name of muslim keep kalm.and lets see who will be the winner. you are nthing india is feeded by usa
      and one day indians will be f**k by usa

  20. Al Dawlatul islam long live,,, we <3 ISIS

    IF india support shia there than pakistan army will support sunni there

    ISI (S) understand

  21. how can we indians save shrines in foreign countries, we cowards could not save babri masjid which is at our door steps.
    stop dis discussions and let HAQ go forward which is alltym aided by ALLAH,

  22. may Allah help taliban and isis. all muslims have to wake up. it is timr to establish khilafat. we r ready to fight till last drop of blood. isis zindabad.

  23. Let me tell you one thing- clashes between sunni and shia has nothing to do with us, ppl from West. And you muslim know it, but easier to blame anyone else. Have seen how sunni disrespect shia, calling tchem heretics!, not real muslims! And that hate starts as soon as non muslim convert into islam. So maybe answer yourself why it is happening, why Hazara ppl are being killed in Pakistan, why in Saudi Kingdom shia are disrespected! Why in Iraq so many shia died because of suicidial attacks? You really want to believe that its western policy to turn sunni against shia? You are so blind, cos honestly we dont have to do anything- you have kept that fight for ages! It`s funny cos sunni muslims convince me to keep away from shia! Why, how come?!
    The source of this conflict is in you, in your minds and history. So dont blame west for things you do to shia ppl. I will always support shia ppl.

  24. The only thing I can say about in this matter is “LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINOW BHAVANTHU” (let all the world live in peace and love), Who is Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other religion, basically we all are human being with same religious aspect , In my knowledge not any religion ever says you kill any living things to get benefited. So my dear friends those who are suffering and are wounded my hearty wishes for them to get well soon, and if we can join hands together we can stop terrorism, because no one is born as a terrorist, so let us all spread the message of love in life, so all the living beings can cherish there life span with immense pleasure and peace.

  25. salam alykum to the one who worships allah without associating partner with him, soon inshallah ameerul momineen and mujhahideen will destory the fitna, who insults sahaba, allah will disrace them by the hand of mujhahideen, may allah make me one of them , inshallah.

  26. aslam aleykum dear bros this time not shia or sunni fight takfiri harami r create shia sunni fight these harami r waladul haez waladul haram why these ISIL harami turn palestien many muslims die from israiel zulm bcuz these ISIL son of yahood or nasara may allaha help palestien people may allaha help iraqi shia sunni bros and allaha protect holy shirne of ahleybait (a s) and sahaba allaha ISIL KU NIFSO NABUD karde ameen elahi ameen

  27. dear all most respected muslims make ISTIGFAR and DAROOD more and more which inshaallah makes us free from all present odd situations.

  28. we Pakistani one day produce another pakistan from india as we did in past no problem if our east part separated from us he is free from ind-ion indian we have item war head and when we feel its need to use we will definitely use against india and on from the whole glop there is no more idiot Indians all the subcontint would be free from dirty indians soon

  29. Don’t worry bro this is called big bang … when the universe was created big bang happened and now this is the real time when khilafat is going to be created that is why this little big bang happened… jews and christans should start worrying because as soon as khilafat is made their time to vanish started… in sha Allah

  30. I see graveyards are in peace … so let all sunnni kill all shia … and all shia kill all sunni …

    let us seal our tounges and minds … let shaitan win and let swords and guns talk with each other … no human no violence …

    Is this islam and is this muslim should do …

    You killed mine so I willl kill yours … and then this willl continue … Is it islam … is it muslim supposed to do ….
    Have we forget how many people of prophet’s house were killed and did he took revenge … ….

    Do we believe that by killling each other is the only solution to shia-sunni conflict , is there really no other solution ….

    And is it a better solution if we killl each other and take the goverance in our control …
    well willl there be no issue in between us when we take the governement control …

    Those are prophet’s ummah should love humanity and all humans since children of a comman father …

    if some body is wrong lets talk first …
    lets bear patience and yes this is indeed what Allah like …

    Some misguided leader misguide people with their speech … lets not see them … lets see the life of islamic saints … did they do jihad if it was obligatory ….

    lets learn what we should do when … May Allah guide all of us .

  31. we need to support those, who believe in Allah and Muhammad (A.S) is the messenger of Allah, Muslims are those people who believe that Muhammad (A.S) is the messenger of Allah, no need to fight

  32. Salam alaikom Bros ,
    I am Iraqi muslim shia .We live in peace together with other sects .But when ABSP came to rule they persecuted shias and kurds . Let’s put in mind that the whole country was led by sunnis and very few Shias. But the important question is what happened during this period 1968 -2003 war with Kurds ,hanging tens thousands of shia , a war beteen Iraq and Iran 1980 -1988 resulted in a milion of deceased and thousands of widows and handicaps .In August 1990 saddam colonized Kuwait ,due to that thousands of Iraqi soldiers killed , the Iraqi army was destroyed .The coalition forces stoke Iraqi with weapons saturated with uranium.The uprise in south outbroke ,saddam regime suppressed brutally EVEN he Saddam stoke the shrine of Imams Hussein and Abass with missiles.After the collapse of regime 9.4.2003 Arabs Saudi Arabia ,Qatar . Emirates Stood against the democtatic transformation which led that majority The Shia to rule .These countries started sending terrorists to bomb shia masjisds and kill shias not for reasons just because they are shiite .These are the achievement of Saddam and his orphans Daesh, Alqaeda ,Alnqshabandia.I’d like to those who believe that Daesh Whom occupied Mosul will keep continue that . After the fatwa of Imam Sestani millions of volunteers, and the Army have taken the intiative .In less than one month 4000 daeshis killed . We will gain the battle insha Allah and any daeshi captured will be sent to hell.

    • hey dont worry people who are creating hatred will finally suffer one day and information u hv wriiten was an eye opener for me.I usually do not pray bt at this moment after reading this i just want to tell god that let iraq gets its golden time back..:)

  33. Salam,
    Isil is the enemy of both the shia and sunni.They r kllng bth shia and sunni.
    Few days ago they killed six sunni molvies.
    we must be unite and say LABBAIK YA RASOOLLAH (S.A.W).
    We have one God.
    We have one holy Book.
    We have one prophit.
    We have one ummah.
    so b like a muslim and fight against isil.

  34. This is all about the Saudi Kingdom staying in control of oil. They don’t care about the Sunni’s(Issis) only as a tool to keep Iraq from becoming the richest country in the world. And they have the real Sunni Issis leader Obamma in control. He trained Issis in Jordan and will arm them thru so called moderates in Syria to keep this war going between Sunnis and Shias. Thus Iraq will fragment and Saudi’s will remain in control of world oil. Weekening the USA and carrying out his fathers wishes.

    • U people are dumb heads….. Go do some elementary education and come back and speak.
      For ur information, it isnt Mr. Obama, it was Bush, who started this issue.

  35. this is political issue that basic on dividing the muslims in World. USA and Uk and Isreal set a rule called ” divide the muslm communities and rule them”

  36. Don’t call sunni’s kafir. We respect Karbala and all our holy shrines more than any one on this earth, but we are not showoff like u people (hit ur self once in a year).

    We can sacrifice our generations and generations and generations and generations………………. to protect karbala and holy shrines.

    We are sunni, we will not hesitate to sacrifice all our families and families and families…… for Ahlul-Bayt.

    So stop saying all big words, correct ur believes first.

    Sunni can shed even his last blood drop, if not for his family, but for Ahlul-Bayt.

    Got it…. u Shia’s better get it.

  37. Be human not.a Shia or Sunni. Killing of innocent people is.nothing with religious and raising voice to protect them is humanity in every relegin book. Think again..

  38. Assalamoalikum my brother and sister,

    isis is not belong with sunni comunity, sunni called him salafi, and islam not teach us for terorism, only only only islam teach us peace, and sunni believ only sunnat, and what the man by panjtan! Any one ask to these salafis, panj tan means five body hazrat mohammad mustafa sallallahowalaihaiwasallam, and daughter rajiallahoanha, hazrat ali rajiallaho anh, and hasan hussain,

  39. I’m an American and also not religious what so ever. But being atheist I still understand the main point of all the major religions of the world… which is peace and love for humanity. Now I’m not saying America has a “halo” over our head (because we all know we don’t) but I know blaming and pointing fingers wont fix problems. People need to wake up and realize that we are ALL THE SAME! Just because someone thinks differently then you(which is pretty much everyone else) doesn’t mean it hurts you in anyway. Unless, of course, you take up arms for your beliefs and physically hurt others which in turn violates what your religion stands for. In my option I believe that ISIS isn’t doing this for Allah, but for the money and power. Iv’e read the Koran and it saddens me to see so many people utterly misunderstand the teachings. Every religion is meant to create peace and maintain peace. Its time for everyone to wake up and realize we’re meant to share this amazing Earth with each other, not kill over it. The way to enlightenment is not through violence.

  40. Salam alaikum ……
    People , there isn’t any shia – sunni dispute …TERRORISM has no religion ….there truly is aggression in the constipated , corrupt minds of inhuman ,tyrant dogs specifically for SHIA innocents who are being brutally assasinated , who are free of the sins or any immorality we with our deepest heart n soul love hussain (AS) we are his llovers neither was he a coward nor we ….come FACE THE TRUE LIONS blooming with zest and valour ….HAR DAUR MEH YAZID HOTA HAI ! AUR HAR DAUR KO AIK HUSSAINI CHAHEYE !

  41. The majority of America want NOTHING, to do with the mid-east. The big business people and the Government want to stick their noses in everyone’s business. We have more than enough oil of our own that the government won’t let us dig. Most Americans could careless if the Muslim world kills itself. American policy should be, mind our own business and if one of the savages attacks America, we bomb them from the 7th century (where the mid-east is currently) to lets say the 5th century. America should go back to how we were before World War 1. Let the rest of the world kill itself.

  42. Your all talking about holy shrines!!!! What about poor defenseless children being murdered. Whats wrong with everyone???? Religion is the real evil in this world and its disguised as greed. Where is your god? All I see are human beings with guns and bombs killing each other. All those living today will be dead within 100 years. This is “Heaven” where we are now. There is no after life, that is in your imagination. We will be lucky to return to this life in reincarnation (if reincarnation is true)….Those who have hatred towards their fellow human beings, I wish that if you are reincarnated that you come back to this world as a fly and can no longer hurt anyone….Syria is also a shame on mankind! This is 2014 and we have enough technology and medicine to satisfy our poor and pathetic lives. Once religion is banished then we can live in peace.

  43. Listen: do not call Isil as muslims, they are evil forces. We r ready to fighty Isil, and v will protect all holy places in iraq at any cost, despite knowing the fact the Iraqis always betrayed the Progeny of Prophet(pbuh)

    • Before making Such statements, think first as to what you are saying. If 30,0000 of your Professional Shia Army with the most Sophisticated Weapons, took off in their underpants just lookiing at the 500 ISIS Militants how in the heavens name are you Indian Shias, going to fight them with your bare hands? Had America not been involved, ISIS by now would have completely occupied, both Iraq and Syria.

  44. If Indians interfere ISIS is going to execute those captured Indians.
    Those people should fight for peace in India. Protect Indian shrines.
    They are stupid people who trying to fight ISIS bare handed.

  45. i think that the isis bastards will continue their war but we Indian’s should think brave and should help all the people that India is great by protecting them by sending an high militant mission and also by sending N.I.A agents. If our pm thinks very in depth of this then not only isis but also all the other terror conflicts will be destroyed and the whole world will be happy,we have one more gandhi and we have to make him to come to present.
    i am an college student but if the indian army wants me then i will surely give my life for INDIA……………….JAY HIND

  46. Hi all,
    This message is for all terrorist wat i am going to say….I am an Indian and hindhu….ISIS said that their 5years plan of their caliphat(land conquer)…if they try to capture indian….their fate will be dead..i am college student and also military trained guy…i am ready to join in fight if they ever touched india………we cut their…JAIHIND…..this is INDIA, they are so many subhash chandhara bose is their better stay in your arab countries….just forget u r plans about INDIA….and one thing india is place where the muslims also living peace….this message is ISIS…ISIS will be defeated for their thoughts to captured about INDIA….we can also handle a rifle and shoot f*****g guys…

  47. Hi to all Terrorists,
    What i am going to say is for ISIS….I am an INDIAN and HINDHU….ISIS told about thier caliphate(land conquer) in the video i watched they said they are going to capture india also with in 5years…..pls forget and stay in iraq are in arab countries….Better don’t c*m to INDIA because you vil be dead if u come to india….and don’t laugh this is not a joke this is warning not from me from INDIA ok….hey i am a college student and also a military trained guy…..u vil be defeated soon,becuase u told about india…they are so many subhash chandra bose is their……we are living peacefull and muslims also living peaceful in india first note that… its my kind request stay in iraq and forget you r thoughts about india…..if u don’t we will cut…..i have so many muslim friends so i am speaking polity…i am saying like child feed understood…this is INDIA(nor any country are terrorists can conquer INDIA…JAIHIND…..I will fight until my last blood…

  48. Looks like these 30000 Indian recruits are going to be some kind of human shield in battle or slaves for labor. Good luck joining forces with satanic cult of wahhabis who grouped together and vandalized the most holy place for islam and subsequently got pushed into deserts and remained their for centuries.

    I understand this is an interesting event for all you guys out their. I sincerely hope you will recover from your sick fanatic mind set. Also I am very curious to know your idea of god. Do gods (including your late saints)give a damn about stone and shrines?

  49. Dawud its very bad you are support isis.they are killing children mans woman this is goodd? its not order of allah.use your mind dawud.feel the children ok.please peace.

  50. am from india ……. Respect humanity.Don’t kill innocent people.
    ISIS belongs to no religion ,they are terrorist ,they don’t have heart.
    they are disrespecting their own religion by doing such inhuman act.
    Don’t forget that there is GOD who is watching everything.
    He will definitely punish hard one day to those who do such heinous act.
    Rest to peace to all passed hearts.
    GOD please save innocent peoples …………… Abbas

  51. Muslims and Hindus are living peacefully in India and shall always live like that. No matter whatever our religion is Indians are taught peace from the very beginning and it’s in our blood. With all the pros and cons we have We Indians should consider us to be very lucky to be living in India. Indian muslims are peaceful people and mainly Indians.

    • haha, whatever lets you sleep it night, you can look at history to know that is not true, india will be continually PAKISTANED, until mughalistan is achieved. Indian Muslims are already woken up, they’re just waiting from the right moment and opportunity, which is starting to happen. Indian oppression of Muslims in Kashmir, Hyderabad and other historical lands of muslims will no longer continue.

  52. The Life of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) is Islam. Thats All. Muslims dont attack. They only attack as a reply of attack or they attack when people of land demands for justice. Clear your minds//

  53. Sir, I am writing this letter with tears. First of all we all are human beings.Why people are killing each other. In India many religions are there we respect each other, we don’t interfere in other religions, the great is we pray all religions gods. While going on the road, if we see church/mosque we pray, god is one, no religion came from sky or heaven, no body saw god, to leave happily in the society, the god and rules are formed. blood is same color for all. Why people are killing innocent other religion people, each religion have their own faith, why should we interfere in other religions. This is a modern world all are educated, we should think in positive way. We should love people of all countries, if something happened neighboring country, we get tears. we all are one lets live peacefully. In India we attend each other functions, festivals,we enjoy a lot This is great country i was born,. My mother thought us to respective all religions. Most of the Indians follow the same, may be few uneducated idiots don’t know the value of human values and inner feelings of other religions. Let us leave happily and make this earth healthy. i.e. hunger free and terrorist free. No religion is great all are same ( one tree with different branches). Let us give education, food, knowledge all children of this beautiful earth. I pray God once again for to be born as human being.

  54. Sir, I am writing this letter with tears. First of all we all are human beings.Why people are killing each other. In India many religions are there we respect each other, we don’t interfere in other religions, the great is we pray all religions gods. While going on the road, if we see church/mosque we pray, god is one, no religion came from sky or heaven, no body saw god, to leave happily in the society, the god and rules are formed. blood is same color for all. Why people are killing innocent other religion people, each religion have their own faith, why should we interfere in other religions. This is a modern world all are educated, we should think in positive way. We should love people of all countries, if something happened neighboring country, we get tears. we all are one lets live peacefully. In India we attend each other functions, festivals,we enjoy a lot This is great country i was born,. My mother thought us to respective all religions. Most of the Indians follow the same, may be few uneducated idiots don’t know the value of human values and inner feelings of other religions. Let us leave happily and make this earth healthy. i.e. hunger free and terrorist free. No religion is great all are same ( one tree with different branches). Let us give education, food, knowledge all children of this beautiful earth. I pray God once again for to be born as human being.
    If already posted I am very happy

  55. The world know, shie are good people but sunni are killers like animals , we are supporting shie for destroyer ISIS from it’s root. If you let them today, be sure they will distroye everything except sunni, and in last they will make this world hell.

  56. You all hate Americans until you need help…we supply more humanitarian aid and disaster relief around the globe than every other country combined. You don’t use oil ? We are so greedy ? Why do your nationals live here by choice…it’s jealousy. ISIL/ISIS is nothing but a bunch of cowards using stolen oil to finance terror and murder in the name of religion…its all bull, its about greed & power…but you will see …we will unite them with their virgins, if they want to be martyred , why hide in caves etc

  57. say all the shia basturd that PATHAN are still present in the world if they (Pathan) can destroy Russia and America then what is shia

  58. If this hatred increases day by day among humans, one day the world will come to end and there will be no one left to enjoy peace or so called religions.

  59. All Shias in India should go to Iraq to fight Sunnies. Its their duty.
    All Sunnies in India should emigrate and join ISIS to help it establish Kalifet.
    India will be blessed.

    • Every human if is ought oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed if not, both the oppressor and the oppressed will suffer in the Hereafter. The oppressor for his tyranny and the oppressed for accepting it.

  60. I m Hindu, I m ready to figtht with ISIS for Shias, sunni or anysone who is there to stop these buthers for peace n humanity. The death is inevitable, if my life is used for peace, what the greater pleaser I can get.

    • Dear Mr. Saini,

      Thank you for your excellent remarks. We need far more people like you in the world than the majority of the posters here who only desire dissent and disaster.

  61. Every religion teaches to show love and kindness to others. People have created religions because of their free thought. People can only create religion because it is creative whereas nobody can create God. People create fictional images of God because nobody has seen God. The God allows everyone to practice their religion, that is why children are born in every religion. If God doesn’t like a religion, he will directly come and destroy it. But he does not do that. Then who ordered people to establish single religion all over the world and to kill people belong to other religions? The people who engage in killings do not know their religion. My only advice is they should learn more about their religion. Then nobody will kill others in the name of a religion instead they sacrifice their own life to save others.

  62. u fight , u kill, u die,
    no matter, any 1 ll nt matter abt u.
    coz u r nt important in this world .
    coz u dint contribute anything to this world other tgan terrorism, killings, bombings,suicide bombings , ect..
    we dont need u..
    for god sake good things are happening (y)
    coz u are the poorest of the poor in the world now
    ..your population in , pakistan, india, afghan, bangla, indonesia, and about 20 countries in africa, make about 80% of the world muslims population ,,… all are poorest of the pooor .. and u cant enjoyy any thing in life because its haram.. but u can kill attack , dats not haram fo u ????… the biggest Haramis ever Are muslims … hahahaha

  63. animals don’t kill each other unless hungry so its all just pure evil isis murders and supporters should be killed yes americas corruption may have cause alot of it but grow a set of balls and if your that serious about what you believe in use your f*****g brains and go straight to the source like americans do when they have a problem No god would kill innocent people and this proves there isn’t a god because its evil human nature i have spoken to muslims they aren’t all like this its extremist thats all EXTREMIST. I believe in HIGHER MATTER it is not for us to know but for us to respect PROVE your gods the whole lot of you BY SITE HEARING AND FEELING AND ALL WILL BELIEVE . EARTH is our home to all and yes there is higher matter which is GOD but god did not put us all here to make up b******t especially a law that allows to kill that is all made up by the human hatehaterid stop being cowards isis EXTREMIST you got a problem don’t make up a religeon that allows you to kill how about u even the scores give them a knife aswell and may the best man win muslims are good people so are indians don’t know who there apparent god is but i hope ALL human kind and there gods kill the mad up muslim extremist philosophy or what eve you wanna call it rahul why join something happened that pissed you off ha ha i bet thats the reason look at your desperation ha ha grow a set C**T i hope you die a slow death

  64. isis extremist ha ha ha ha YOU KNOW when you die its gonna be funny cause most people no there will be nothing for you ha ha your dead and your place on this earth won’t mean s**t just like mine ha ha seriously f****n dicks grow a set a balls i hope every country f***s you and the other isis extremist you rode in on ha ha we will win cause its all good muslims indians what ever we will win cause you are disturbing the piece that all our gods died for ha ha your god does not exist animals don’t kill each other for no reason you do ha ha that funny cause we will win keep dreaming your fighting the world all you extremist will find out because on the good side will be every religeon even the one you think i your own cause we believe in whats humain not in humain

  65. Death to ISIL, AND FREEMASONRY OF THE World. Down with puppet Taliban, and pseudo Al-Qaeda.
    LONG LIVE CRIMEA, We Congratulation the Crimean people Freedom, and we Congratulations To Putin Great RUSSIAN Leader for coming future of the World. The world hope that Putin can do world with third world, Like Crimea, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Boldove, Marcas, Iran, Iraq, and other countries , who hate Americans, Britisher, Israel’s, and their allies.
    The GOD chose you Mr, Putin for this hard work at this golden Time of against Anarchists, Terrorist, Fascists, Warplane Year, S****t World, Foolish politicians,Mad wars planners, and other negative thinkers of the World. The bureaucrats, Aristocratas, of the world , Who can’t do anything, without getting the money, for themselves. Enough is enough for Americans, Europeans, Christian Zionists, World ANARCHISTS, and Israeli aggressions in the Palestine, Middle Eastern Countries from 60 years.The Americans proxy war server is working for Jewish and Zionist .
    The USSR President H.E.Mr. Putin the great, you are a hope for the WORLD, in coming days. Best Wishes & good regards for your great nations, also for CRIMEAN PEOPLES. Again Congratulations on Freedom of CRIMEA To all the Worlds, the World will be free from Americans foolish policy very soon
    The Americans proxy war server is working for Jewish and Zionist .The Jews and Christians United for Islam. Why Tea Party Mexican Drug Cartel Money Supports ISIL Terrorist?.The Tea Party (Jews Lobby) are Supporting ISIL Terrorists.’Daesh’ The Iraqi and Syrian “WILL DESTROY” Terror groups
    The Jews are belonging Apes and Pigs, also Evil and DEVIL races.The mod-us operandi of Al-Qaeda and ISIS or ISIL any way you want to Twist . Thanks.

  66. Those who do not know His laws shout harsh judgements, misuse His name and confuse his children with lies. PBUH Those who know not His love live empty lives and die alone and in misery. The simple mind is dominated by divisive ramblings. Stop fighting and enrichen your mind and heart with His Truth. Stop fighting and learn to love each other and teach this love one to another, to do otherwise will surely blind you and kill those around you. I am that I am. PBUH May God’s Will be a blessing in your life.

  67. originated in africa .during dark ages cemtral church of europe sold tickets to heaven and bible said sun revolves round the earth.abbey isai durangapan chod de ek rang ho ja ,ya to poora mom ho ja ya poora sang(stone) ho ja. baki dose agle post mein doonga abhi apun urgent project pe lagela hai.jai bharat jai and die for india.jai ho

  68. dear all,sri sri ravi shankar ji maharaj of art of living mission in india is a very noble soul and a man of pure heart. he is one of the very few people who visited iraq to show solidarity with the people of iraq and was shocked that since americas invasion seven lakh women have become widows.he has called upon all factions to unite and save iraqi children.swami ji ka to koi interest nahi hai iraq mein aur musalmanon mein magar apni jaan par khel kar aur isis se dushmani lekar bhi unhone apna dharm nibhaya .aise hindus ke liye jaan bhi haazir hai.aisa hindutva sari duniya mein phaille.isis has threatened swamiji.i personally condemn it and offer myself to be his personal guard if he permits.all people must condemn this threat and sunnis and shias must concentrate on namaz and quran.sunni shia kaek allah hai aur ek quran hai kya itna kaafi nahin hai hume ek hone ke liye.

  69. Reliogon f***s…..
    World is suffering cz of all reliogons…
    people dont have money for spend life n for childreen bt they dont care they want to just Save religons….
    Leisten guys first save yourself n humanity n then if u r able to do some more save nature thn religon….

  70. I am a hindu but i want to fight against ISIS in iraq please give me the chance to fight against them plz plz any how i want to teach those bloody terrosist about the lesson of quran

  71. Allah will protect the holy shrines. But at least Indian Shias have the courage of intending to protect the crucial figures of religious monuments. God bless them and hope they stay brave to fight against the idiotic, illiterate and dumb terrorist who don’t even know the verse of Quran yet claim to be a Muslim.

  72. Allah will protect the holy shrines. But at least Indian Shias have the courage of intending to protect the crucial figures of religious monuments. God bless them and hope they stay brave to fight against the idiotic, illiterate and dumb terrorist who don’t even know the verse of Quran yet claim to be a Muslim. And Indians and Pakistanis will always keep barking on each others flaws and won’t fix their own problems.

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