Friday, June 21, 2024


Arabs in Kirkuk to form popular committees for defense


KIRKUK / Head of the Arab Group at Kirkuk Provincial Council disclosed today that Arab popular committees shall be formed to protect  the Arabs in the province from killing and kidnapping. Mohammed Khalil al-Jbouri told that the Arab component was targeted in many areas in the province, including bombing a judge house and kidnapping and killing an Arab south of the city, as well as attacking his family and stealing 100 thousand dollars. He added that “there is a plan to target the Arabs by well-trained people”. Mr. Jbouri called the central government to end these breaches against the Arabs and ensure security to the citizens.  Kirkuk is one of the main disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad , which case to be solved with the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution. The province is known for its political and security tensions, due to the conflicts between its three Arab, Kurd, and Turkmen components.

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