Iraqi forces announce outcome of military operation in Salahuddin

Iraqi forces announce outcome of military operation in Salahuddin
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Salahuddin (IraqiNews) Security Media Cell announced, on Tuesday, the outcome of the military operation against the Islamic State group in Salahuddin.

“Salahuddin Operations Command, backed by the province’s police forces and Salahuddin Axis Command, carried out a military operation to cleanse the island of Salahaddin of the remnant of the Islamic State group, and impose security and stability,” the cell pointed out in a press statement.

The statement added that the outcome of the operation is notable, where it resulted in the killing of 11 terrorists, discovering 13 hideouts and 16 explosive belts.

The security forces also destroyed two booby-trapped vehicles and three tunnels, in addition to finding two explosive’s labs and 11 tanks (2 for water and 9 for fuel).

Furthermore, they found a number of shielding plates, grenades, a hand grenade, 2 motorcycles, a gas cooker, two RAMs with different capacities, a cell phone and 6 vessels contain explosive materials.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi government lost control over Salahuddin Province during the Islamic State offensive in 2014. Large swathes of land were captured by the militant group with the Iraqi security forces quickly disintegrating in the path of its advance.

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