Iraqi forces kill 50 ISIS fighters and regain control over most of Baiji refinery

Baiji oil refinery is the largest oil refinery in Iraq. File photo.

( Baiji – On Saturday Iraqi forces regained control over most of the Baiji oil refinery that ISIS fighters had seized earlier in the week according to an unnamed Iraqi security official from Salahuddin province.

The source said in an interview for “Today, Special Forces from the Department of Anti-Terrorism managed to liberate the surrounding areas of Baiji’s oil refinery” noting that “the forces killed more than 50 ISIS terrorists and destroyed a number of vehicles that were to be used to carry out suicide attacks during clashes with ISIS militants.”

The Baiji oil refinery is located 40 km north of Tikirt and is the largest oil refinery in Iraq.

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  1. Here we go again about the refinery and in this article they mention – “Iraqi forces regained control over MOST of the Baiji oil refinery”. So by that some of the refinery is still occupied by ISIL and who are still fighting inside the very large refinery complex, consequently the refinery has NOT been completely or entirely liberated as mentioned in the other article.

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