URGENT: Death of 300 Iraqi soldiers, failed rescue condemned by MPs

Aqil al-Zubaidi, MP of Al Fadila Party.
Aqil al-Zubaidi, MP of Al Fadila Party.

( On Monday several Members of Parliament from Diwaniyah Province confirmed that ISIS killed over 300 soldiers using chlorine gas for the first time in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah.

Member of Parliament for the Al Fadila Party, Aqil al-Zubaidi, accused leaders of Army Aviation and the Air Force of negligence for failing to support Iraqi Army soldiers trapped in the regions of Alsger and Saqlawiyah for six days.

Zubaidi said in a statement received “we hear about successful raids by the Army Aviation and Iraqi Air Force in the areas of Kirkuk and Mosul, but we have not seen this success in areas close to the capital,” wondering “what were the reasons that led to the delay in providing air support for the army troops which were besieged in the areas of Alsger and Saqlawiyah for six days despite the distress of the trapped soldiers as well as the demonstrations by their loved ones?”

Zubaidi added that “there is lack of seriousness among some military leaders in the implementation of their duties,” considering that “a procrastinating and a negligence in providing support to the soldiers in some areas.”

The MP for Al Fadila Party indicated that “such attitudes contribute to weaken the morale of the Iraqi army front lines,” arguing the leaders of the Army Aviation and the Air Force to “give an explanation for their backwardness of the rescue of the besieged troops.”

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