Explosives engineer killed in southeast Baghdad while defusing an IED

Unnamed Iraqi Security official attempting to defuse an IED in Baghdad. Archival Photo.
Unnamed Iraqi explosives expert attempting to defuse an IED in Baghdad. Archival Photo.

Baghdad ( On Sunday, a source within the Baghdad police force revealed to that an explosives engineer for the Federal Police was killed and another was injured while they were attempting to dismantle an improvised explosive device (IED) in southeast Baghdad.

The source informed “This afternoon, an explosive device went off in the area of Diyali Bridge (southeast of Baghdad) while being dismantled by two explosives experts from the Federal Police,” pointing out that, “The blast resulted in killing one of them and injuring the other.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous added “Elements of the police have transferred the injured to a near hospital and the dead to the Forensic Medicine Authority.”

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