URGENT: ISIS spokesman confirms Baghdadi’s injuries

ISIL confirms BaghdadiFollow-up ( An account affiliated for the spokesperson of the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani, on Twitter showed a tweet that says “The leader of the ISIL Abu Bakr al-Baghdad has been injured,” without identifying the seriousness or timing of this injury.

Adnani said in his tweet “Do you think the State of Khilafa will end by the death of the Caliphate?”

He added “We assure for the State that the Amir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is fine and we ask his followers to pray for God for his safety.”

Earlier, a security source reported to on Saturday that “The leader of the ISIL, al-Baghdadi, has been injured during a bombardment for the international airstrike in Qaem district within Anbar province.”

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  1. If this criminal is doing God’s will, should God not have protected his servant?
    His cause will fail as did God’s protection for him.

    • He must say god , but correct is ” you believe in my sick will ” . God name many leaders use for uneducated population . I am catholic and i will never follow my faith and make bad things in faith name . I just hope this monster will not survive injuries !

  2. Someday like other terrorist Osama Bin Laden (OBL), Abu Bakra Al Baghdadi (ABAB) will also be killed by Iraqi militias. ISIS/ISIL is not invincible and its long survival is became possible for the support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Wahabi regimes or wahabis/Salafis of the world. USA and its western allies will definitely realize their past mistakes of supporting these wahabi regimes of Arab world and may go for obliteration of these states. Terrorism is also surviving because of the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and sooner the scientists invents alternative sources of energy, the oil reserves of these terror sponsor nations will be redundant and financing to terrorism will automatically strangulated.

  3. Sooner or later the US will destroy iSIS because any group of thugs who are stupid enough to provoke a superpower are just too stupid to survive for any long period of time. The US is set to hunt down every emir in ISIS and have is planning to do this over a 7 year period of time. I wouldn’t want to be with this group of thugs!

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