URGENT Video: ISIS beheads UK aid worker David Haines


( WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND IMAGES BELOW. The terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, released a video on Saturday titled “A Message to the Allies of America,” showing the beheading of British aid worker David Cawthorne Haines. Haines is seen kneeling on a bare hill in a landscape that appears identical to where two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, were also beheaded. Some US officials believe that the Sotloff, Foley and Haines beheadings may have been carried out at the same time and released weeks apart to increase their impact.

Haines, who was 44, was kidnapped last year while working for French humanitarian aid agency ACTED in Syria in March 2013. He had been in Syria for just three days when he was kidnapped, reportedly by a rebel group who later sold him to ISIS.

In the moments before his death, Mr. Haines, 44, like the two journalists killed before him, reads a script in which he blames his country’s leaders for his killing.


“My name is David Cawthorne Haines. I would like to declare that I hold you, David Cameron, entirely responsible for my execution. You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State, just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst our British prime ministers who can’t find the courage to say no to the Americans. Unfortunately, it is we, the British public that, in the end, will pay the price for our Parliament’s selfish decisions.”

The masked Islamic State militant with British accent known an “Jihadi John” criticized the UK’s “evil alliance with America”, calling the Prime Minister an “obedient lapdog”.

“This British man has to pay the price for your promise, Cameron, to arm the peshmerga against the Islamic State. Ironically, he has spent a decade of his life serving under the same Royal Air Force responsible for delivering those arms. Your evil alliance with America which continues to strike the Muslims of Iraq and most recently bombed the Haditha Dam, will only accelerate your destruction, and playing the role of the obedient lapdog, Cameron, will only draw you and your people into another bloody and un-winnable war.”




The end of the video shows the militant placing his hand on another captive, identified as British citizen Alan Henning, and saying, “If you, [David] Cameron, persist in fighting the Islamic State, then you, like your master Obama, will have the blood of your people on your hands.”


Middle Eastern journalist Harald Doornbos provided some information about Henning from a Syrian ex-prisoner source, tweeting that he is an aid worker from the Manchester-area who was working for a Muslim NGO in the UK. Henning stayed one night in an Ad-Dana prison after being kidnapped, before he was moved to Raqqa.

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    • God nvr said or say &will say that kill people…every book of any religion always say live with love..proof it’s that god make all us similar without telling no can tell which religion prsn related…our all physical organ same…if we came from different world why god make us equally same blood,organ etc. Always remember god 1 of this world bcz all religious scripture say at least same think….they r all narrow minded people those who kill innocents if they thinking that they r all different so why god not make them different…..god is 1 of this world

    • I being an atheist…. It’s days like today that I wish I was wrong. I wish it so theses murderous f*****g a*****e cowards could wake up the depths of hell, right when they are expending to warmup in “paradise with 40 virgins”. F*****g child molesters. The look on their faces when they see eternal damnation and hell, is what they get – still couldn’t compensate for the horror these FUCKEN SWINE exhibit.

  1. You are really a big liar and good movie maker. You know hw to make movie and misguide world that ISIS is bad. ISIS dont kill people but you are lying producing wroing vedios, so that public can believe.

    • @[email protected] . you deserve a slow, painfull and brutal death you isis loving piece of s**t if i had my way you would be tied up in my shed having hot pins slowly place under your finger nails and in to your eye balls and after days of being kept barely alive i would cut your f*****g head of with a rusty spoon and leave the DOGS and RATS to finish you off …… message to everyone world wide TAKE UP ARMS AND STOP THESE PIECES OF S**T FROM RUINING THIS WORLD WHILE WE STILL CAN . DOWN WIITH ISIS UP WITH JUSTICE KILL THE F*****G LOT OF ALL TERRORIST SCUM AND DO IT WITH GREAT PRIDE KNOWING YOUR DOING THE WORLD AND YOUR COUNTRY A GREAT SERVICE . PROUD TO BE BRITTISH !!!!

    • Um, good try deflecting on that one bro.

      See this is just one video. A propaganda one nonetheless. But guess what? Just take a trek through youtube. There’s PLENTY of amateur video of nutjobs waving around the ISIS flag and killing civilians without mercy. There’s even some live beheading ones that actually show it in it’s full gruesomeness and yeah you can’t fake those ones.

      So before you even dare try and say ISIS doesn’t kill people go and actually educate yourself. God help you if you end up joining them because I can assure you… you will die. ISIS might be winning the hearts of some people here and there even from here in the US but they will fail. They will die and the world will watch. They will not have their so called state because alongside the Kurds and Iraqis we’re coming for them and won’t shed a single tear as they are blown to bits and killed so that peaceful Christians and Muslims can go back to their regular day to day lives someday.

      Also, make sure to proofread your posts before you post. “wroing = wrong, vedios = videos, hw = how”

    • I, for one, would absolutely Love to personally kill every Isis member and their supporters. To God I hope to be of help to the enemies of Isis. Go blow yourself up or join your Isis comrades in the desert. May God hold you in account for your support of those vile men and their wicked atrocities. You and your descendants suffer in the same punishments as those Isis you profess to support.

  2. who is beheading the people nasir, are you the follower of Butchers, thousands they kill still u call them inocent, they isis, alqaida, etc. of baby of USA, MOSSAD, and west. Friest they creat and make them to disetablize the muslim world and then they themselves finist them. but itz sponser is turkey and sudia and qatir, Lannat on them, is this islam, who the hell say this is allowed in islam, shame shame

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    which language talking now? this is english…so think again who is barbar?
    we ruled the world 5000 years…you dont know nothing abut us…our history? History = Turks…
    isid militans coming from europe…who supported isid?
    you say is this islam? learn true ISLAM…LEARN OUR TRUE RULES…you dont know…

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  4. The head on the body (2nd last picture) looks like a cut-n-paste operation done with image editing software..

  5. This guy is dead meat… the Americans will hunt this British piece of s**t down and he will be blown to a million pieces, best case scenario he gets deported back to his homeland. John is a British wanker, all of this is to try and get British and American troops on the ground which is not going to happen.

  6. POP goes the WEASEL! I bet they both had corn on the cobb at some point in their lives. Not sure if corn on the cobb is available in the sand nations like Iraq. These ISIS bastards need to just stop chopping heads and start tickling camels. Camels are good for a tickle and sometimes they’ll even spit in your eye.
    Thanks Mom, you raised a good one… Camel

  7. Yes I am agreement no way to prove it. You chicken s**t bastards are going to have to come into America and prove it before we believe it. Just let us know when you are going to come and demonstrate.

  8. If you had a real message to the world, proving you know better than others how God wants us to live, you wouldn’t have to do it cowardly, hidden and mummed. All that you do is profiling yourself to get attention, with a ridiculous knife in your hand, somewhere in the desert and against helpless handcuffed men. If you want to make the world believe in your religion, don’t abuse prisoners reading texts under your threat, let them return to their countries and speak free to their own people about their true inspiration about you, otherwise shed blood will be solely on your hands…as anyone can see and nobody will believe in you or understand anything else than you are doing devils work. May God have mercy upon you, because his true soldiers are right among us: men, women and children too, devoted, courageous and with no fear in their hearts. What do you fear disguising yourself… since you claim the role of a self appointed executioner acting in the name of God, what do you fear….death? If you go to paradise for what you do…why are you afraid than?

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  10. Noooooooo! This is disgraceful and sad…these people are ignorants and murderers… May god bless these innocent victims… No war world and May peace reign

  11. ladies and gentleman from UK and United states of America also from future Greater Republic of KURDISTAN and its sacred warrior troops known as (Peshmarga) the defender of democracy and peace , all our heart is with those innocent people and aid workers who put their life in danger to help those arab terrorist families in so called Syria and failed iraqi state. We as Kurdistan will bring those terrorist in to true justice and have them in court just like we hanged Saddam great Arab terrorist leader> the message is simple let us boycut (Turkey) economically and raise the attention of the world that Turkey – Qatar – Saudi in some corners Iran all this terrorist state supporting ISIS! Ironically Obama and David camiron still listen to Turkey and Iraqi failed state for not sending heavy armament to Kurdistan who alone fighting this savage terrorist . Turkey is easy to be boycut through tourist industries because million of European visiting Turkey for Holiday whilst Turksih coward solders killing innocent Kurdish women and children and aiding ISIS like you see USA solders found turkish weapon on ISIS. Turkey is fake state and has fake co founder like so called Kamal! originally they come from Mangolia as a tribe but they were lucky UK and France divided Kurdistan so Turkey Occupied it since 1920 but We will defeat this regime and its racist people and break up Turkey just like Iraq also injustice can not go forever but westerns should wake up and economically sanction Tureky it will fail apart coz currently they commit war crime with its coward solders and fascist government also Turkey invaded Kurdish homeland and they dont like Israel and supply Hamas terrorist with Turkish finance in Turkey

  12. islam is a cult founded by a bloodthirsty pedophile and isis is his bloodthirsty legacy.
    islam must be destroyed!!!!

    • One could say similar things about the founding of most religions. Make sure to read the Holy Bible that’s full of pedophilia, incest, sanctioned rape, murder. The book of Leviticus for example is quite sickening. The Catholic church itself has been caught with it’s pants down many times shielding pedophile priests from the law. We have our own Christian extremists that have even been reported to have shut down schools for periods of time to force the kids to do manual labor, a clear violation of our child labor laws which is being federally investigated now.

      So before you start blaming ALL of Islam for the crimes if others, bear in mind that not everyone is a twisted nutjob and many people do live in relative peace with honest lives that respect human rights. You have no right to condemn those people for doing nothing wrong.

  13. Ahhhh seriously f**k you Muslims. Your the f*****g pest of society. Yous are nothing but judiths. Yous f**k your own cousins and sisters you dirty people. I stand before America I’m support of Obama. We need to declare war against these scumbag Muslims. All hail America. Bring the rain!!

    • Cruz,

      Go f**k yourself with that nonsense and do not invoke the name of my country to spread your anti-muslim hate. Ignorant POS. As if Christians are any better which.. I’m assuming from this rehtoric you actually are one. Have you forgotten all about the Crusades that was a mass slaughter of Muslims and non-Christians? Have you forgotten about the witch trials that happened over the centuries? Let me refresh your memory on what a witch trial is. It’s a trial in which to prove you were not a witch (or warlock for males) by a means that employs certain death. If you lived, you were a witch. If you died, you were not. That’s Christian logic.

      But wait… you don’t do that anymore right? Okay fair enough. Then don’t f*****g assume every Muslim is stuck in the black ages either like these ISIS a******s are. And you talk about f*****g cousins and sisters. I’m sorry bro but the southern states of the US are widely known for their practices of pedophilia and incest. You can deny it all you wish but.. all the court cases prove otherwise. ^_-

      To Muslims reading this comment: I apologize for this arrogant a*****e. He’s the face of our “conservative” party here in the US who dislike anyone that’s not as they are but openly deny it in most cases, except for the arrogant few that wave around the American flag like some sort of trophy.

      The general attitude here in the US is we do know ISIS does not represent what present day Islam is about. I did not support the invasion of Iraq for the simple fact I didn’t see it as a threat to us and didn’t believe the bullcrap about WMDs. Now I support a military offensive in Iraq along side the Iraqi people to stamp out this ISIS problem. ISIS isn’t about any true ideology other than parading around and celebrating mass murder. They are disgusting. They are inhuman and the must be killed like rabid dogs and Iraq must then be able to stand strong on it’s own under it’s own government and only with support from the west, not oversight.

      • Yes the Christians hundreds of years ago also committed war atrocities on infidels. That’s why Christians today don’t talk about it or endorse it. See, common sense somehow seeped into their minds and the realized it was wrong. Today, it’s a given that the atrocities currently being committed by Isis is equally wrong, and so denounced as such. Islam is a war mongering religion. Islam must be stopped! The cult that took root centuries ago has defaced our planet much too long. Death to Isis and all their supporters!

  14. I feel sorry for his death. ISIS will be deminished soon. they will go to hell, those sons of b*****s. they are showing a truely barbaric and untrue face of Islam. I am a Muslim but we all hate them. They are 30000 to 50000 from one billion. They are not Muslim, they are some brutes who were thirsty for blood and they are satisfying their thirst in Iraq with Muslim and Christian blood. They are NOT MUSLIMS. This is NOT ISLAM. F**k those killers. They will be destroyed in near future.

  15. Well, I’m all for nuclear strikes at this point. 13 years of conventional warfare hasn’t done much. Maybe they need to see that we are willing to drop a nuke on them. It’s extreme but the last time the US dropped nukes it destroyed an empire, ended a world war and well… I don’t know about you but Japan is an overall peaceful country now and seems to be doing pretty well economically too.

    ISIS just needs to see that there is no such thing as an unwinnable war when WMDs exist. But realistically speaking, no one will drop a nuke. Right now everyone needs to set their differences aside to confront a very serious threat that has a global reach. Of course those that dismiss me as just another westerner can go to hell. I’m not interested in Iraq’s oil or it being run exactly like the United States. It’s the oil companies here in the US that want it. Tell them to piss off and if they want the oil they can buy it like everyone else.

    The only thing I care about globally is the basic human rights that were agreed upon following world war 2 and overall peaceful relationships with everyone. Too much bloodshed on this ball of rock and it’s needless.

    • Although.. Russia has some impressive non-nuclear bombs that accomplish similar damage without the toxic cloud. Perhaps those are a better option for demolishing large areas of ISIS controlled territory. I don’t think the Kurds want their land irradiated after ISIS is kicked out.

  16. For the past few years muslims in Syria have killed over 120,000 muslims. If I were muslim I would pretty well pissed off about this! Instead muslim argue over these horrid events here. WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES?

  17. How considerate of the resportedly blood-thirsty and brutal ISILISILISILISIL to always spare us the actual beheadings. I can just imagine their Decorum Committee having a meeting and deciding that the head coming off is not suitable for viewing by your average westerner unaccompanied by a parent.

    Or maybe they’re just FAKE!

  18. Second photo long shadows going back. “Headless body” no shadows. (So, “beheading” some time in the morning and “headless body” photo at noon? everyone out there in the desert, standing aorund for hours in the midday sun, waiting to get a shadowless shot of the “body”?)

    “Headless body” no shadows AT ALL, except that tiny one to the right of the head. If that shadow was real, however, there would be similar shadows around the hands, and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the ear on the right (i.e., his left ear). The ear appears to be on top of the shadow.

    Bo Locks

  19. How considerate of the normally blood-thirsty, brutal and terror-inspiring ISILISILISIL Decorum Committee to decide to spare us the actual beheading. I can just see them having a meeting and deciding that the scene is just too gory for family viewing.

    Of course, the videos could all just be FAKE!

    Bo Locks

  20. Hey a*s wholes. You know you kill innocent people. And the real Muslim don’t kill people , you bastards. I’m a marine and a family man and a Christian. Who knows all life means something. God use about love and respect. Isis you know nothing of the sort. And anyone who follows you is wrong as well. I can’t wait to fight you…..

  21. after seeing this i can only say that we the English people have had enough the time is now at hand to wipe this scum out of human existance, and yes their familys too.

    • My Dear Brother, James, Peace be upon you (Assalaam alaykum).

      The ISIS (ISIL) beheadings are horrifying and instill fear and repulse and hate and mourning in my wrenching heart of pain for all those who have perished by their bloody sword that I surely express to you now is not any type of representation or teaching of Islam. These wild animals are jihadists, terrorists, mindless, senseless, debased and sadistic pretenders. They are not Muslims. They say they are because they are Arab and born into the religion, but even the Prophet made clear that mere brutality is not permitted in Islam.

      Islam like all religions has its contradictions and confliction. While one ayat (verse) may say one thing for Jihad another will say something different and this depends on the time and necessity of when it was written.

      Outside of Jihad, which first should be protecting and preserving humanity, helping the orphan and widow, taking up the scholars pen, giving zakat to one’s community, no matter Christian or Sabian or Jew or Muslim. Islam teaches that if you kill a person it is as if you are killing all humanity, but if you save and protect a life it is as if you have done this for all humanity.

      Jihad is pertinent to the Islamic faith and the Muslim. Why? Because it is a personal struggle within themselves to understand the world around them. If a man strikes you Allah (G-d) permits for you to defend yourself. If a more powerful oppressor comes into your homeland and takes from it for hundreds of years it is your duty and sole obligation to protect and fight the enemy. This you find in Christian and Jewish cultures. The Judeo-Christian scriptures (the Torah and Bibles) teach self-protection. We find contradiction here too. Where on verse say to stand and fight while the newer ones say “turn the other cheek”. I am sure if someone slapped you in the face and invaded your home with the intention to harm your family you would do all you could to protect them. In the mind of the Muslim this is what he and she is doing. Jihadists and terrorists believe that fighting the enemy it is to hurt them all, innocent people like David Haines and Steven Sotloff, victims of ISIS.

      I am a Muslim. I do not condone and have loudly spoken out and continue to speak out against such atrocities be them against Christians or Muslims or whomever. You, me, we all have a human and civil right to live our lives free from intimidation, fear, threat and invasion. We are no more better or lesser than each other. We are equal. We must join together to defeat the onslaught of a most pernicious and debased political-terrorist Islamofacist group that must be immediately wiped off the face of the earth.

      My heart wrenchingly years for all the men who have died at the wretched knife of ISIS. I do not know how much I can italicize this as I am saying it so to put greater emphasis on it to show that I and my fellow Muslim brethren, the ummah that I am a proud member to, do not condone ISIS and we are not all terrorists. We are people who feel the anger and tragedy that you feel. We cry and bleed like you. We laugh when we are joyful and suffer when we are struck by the hand of tyranny.

      I believe that we can live together in peace and harmony and cooperation, as neighbors, brothers, friends and comrades. I believe that people can change themselves and reform their wretched ways. I believe the world can become a better place.

      For me Jihad means- for me my Jihad means–to simply protect myself from those who do me harm. It also means to protect my kith and kin. But it also means to protect the innocent. These are true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He taught that all the prophets were brothers and came from the same father Abraham (Ibrahim); the father of all nations, all peoples, all religions, all schools of law. Muhammad (pbuh) had a great love and respect for Jesus the Christ (pbuh). We know this from the Hadith. I love and respect Jesus (pbuh) too. He was the greatest of prophets and the Qur’an tells us that he is indeed the Messiah to return again. Any Muslim denying this denies G-d (Allah) and becomes not only an enemy to Christians but also an enemy to the Prophet (pbuh) and most importantly an enemy of G-d.

      Radical Muslims teach a radical form of Islam that is not the mainstream Islam that Muhammad (pbuh) had taught. It is like this, men use beliefs to compliment their own ideologies and philosophical representations. Hitler took the swastika (hakencrutz) and turned it into something very evil. The swastika was a symbol/letter in ancient Sanskrit found in Indian temple writings. It was never German in origin. Well, Islam, like Christianity was in the past, has been taken and turned into something it is not. The Islamic faith I follow is one of peace and love for all people.

      The word “Muslim” is an Arabic word which means “submit” or “to submit (to the will of G-d)”. Everyone in this sense who submits to the Will of G-d is a Muslim. Since I love and respect Jesus I do not mind being called a follower of his “true” teachings, such as his piety and love and respect for all humanity. But one must do the research to find the unadulterated truth. Jesus (pbuh)was not a Christian but a Jew, a rabbi, a teacher of the law, a monotheist who believed he had no power unless permitted by the father, his father, the Jewish people and the gentiles who went to him to be delivered from their sins. He was not G-d, nor a person of the so-called triune. These are teachings of Paul which are diametrically different from the “true” teachings of Christ (pbuh).

      Christ was a Jew and a rabbi. He was and is the Messiah but he is not G-d. He is separate from G-d. G-d is one, without any partners and begets no one. He alone is the creator of the universe and the worlds.

      With this I end to you that Muslims and Christians have more in common than most people think. The key is that how many are willing to join together in respectful dialogue without any motive to convert but to live together and protect one another when harm like ISIS and al-Qaeda come to our shores and mindlessly fly planes into buildings. Even Muslims perished in 9/11 and they are perishing now at the hands of ISIS. Muslims who have opposed, more than 80,000 have been systematically slaughtered by ISIS, many have been literally crucified on crosses, some skinned alive, some set aflame, some mowed down on the streets by machine guns, homes are literally burned down or bulldozed by ISIS henchmen, mothers and daughters are raped and then killed, and those who are pregnant have their unborn child’s fetuses cut right out of their womb while still alive. Muslims who protest against ISIS and who are pro-West and pro-American are being hung by their necks while others are tortured and castrated.

      ISIS is a monstrous conscienceless machine of hate and vitrolism, it ultimate motive is to conquer the entire Arab peninsular and the Middle-East. It is like an incurable disease that has is empty of all desire for diplomacy. It cannot be spoken to because the minds of its leadership is made of concrete. ISIS must be stopped at all costs.

      To you brother (habibi) loved one to the world, may Allah continue to find favor in you, may you grow in knowledge and wisdom and learn that the world in order to heal must come together. In order for the human race to survive in future times must find a way for peace.

      J.D. “Yusuf Ali”

  22. Islam is a religion of hatred, murder, rape and steal and that filth of yours false prophet Mohamed is surely burning in hell, its time for islam to perish specialy those who made that filth called isis the Turkey and its allies (thats why they didnt help the Kurdish people at Kobani).

  23. Fight one on one with no handcuffs and no knives you fuming p*****s. You know if you untie those hostages who are but compassionate people they will kick your camel jockey a*s up and down..but you won’t air that video would you…p*****s

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  25. this is very shameful for Muslim our community .They f*****g Muslim making trouble for other Muslim. They are butcher.UN forces should kill them or they don’t have power to fight with army .They are making victim to innocent people like women,children. They.They must be chased out by world community and destroy them so other Muslim can lead peaceful life..They are barbaric. Allah never says you should kill innocent people for name of Islam if you have power fight like man to man.They are misguiding our young generation and taking away there childhood in name of Allah. They even fighting among them self Just for power.They are picking so many women and converting them for Islam in Iraq and Syria if same thing another community do for their women then how they are going to feel.They think they are spreading Islam but they are now cutting route of Islam and making our Islamic community very very bad among the world.I request to please don’t support all these b*****d and keep good name and peace in this world.


  27. Man if I was a prisoner of you guys! I would try my best to break free and go ape-s**t on y’all’s asses! Like damn no ones cutting my head off like that!! F**k y’all

  28. Man what f**s kills innocent people! Like really you guys are going to burn in hell! Trust me if I was a prisoner I would try my f*****g best to get free and go ape-s**t on y’all’s f*****g asses! Like really y’all are p*****s that take all of your anger out on the innocent! Y’all need to take it out on y’all’s self! Sheesh someone needs to do y’all like that and show u what it feels like!!! Damn y’all are pathetic p*****s!!!

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    und noch was lange unsere freunde die killst nicht immer vorher auf die schulter lass deine angeschissenen Hände weg von ihnen da sie ins Paradies eingehen und auf sie die jungfrauern warten weil dass einfach schöne menschen sind im Gegensatz zu euch
    ihr seid alle vemumte Feiglinge kommt nur wir warten auf euch bringt eure Frauen damit wir ein Schlachtfest geben können

    irgendwann kriegt dich der AMERIKANER und dann geht’s ab nach guantanamo dort werde ich sein um dir deinen schwanz abzuschneiden und deinem Allah auch

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  31. I really request you, appeal you dont judgeship fast.
    they arent muslim.they invent a religouse by money & say we are muslim.
    there isnt in any of islam teaching that you can kill your brother. I said brother. in islam all peaple are brother. do you believe.why you believe that these animals are muslim?
    do you studied or your judgment is from in shie religouse.
    dont believe fast.

  32. You know what?…I’m not going to talk about religion…Since I’ve done special make-up effects in the past, I’m going to talk about that. To the amateur effects artist that helped produce these b******t videos let me give you a piece of advice even though you are a dickhead. First of all….blood on clothes does not look like that…even if the final photo of this man being dead was taken 5 minutes after the execution (yeah right). Blood begins to clot very quickly when exposed to air and starts to turn a dark reddish brown…not bright red like some body sprayed karo syrup and food coloring on everything. I also see that you put some studio blood on the shoulders this time…you must have seen all the comments about the Foley film about how there was no blood on his shoulders and decided to fix that…hurrah f*****g hurrah. By the way..whats the point of putting the blood on his a*s …you seem to have a fascination with that or did Jihad J*****f wipe his hands on the man’s a*s after he supposedly killed him? Here’s something else…take a look at when Jihad J*****f grabs his head to start slicing….see how long the “victims” neck is? Well….J*****f starts “cutting” right under his chin….so where the f**k is the rest of the neck stump on the body?….My guess is that you are using one or two prop bodies or the same model for all the “victims” because the arms and a*s (hey..details, details) on this one look strangely the same as the body used for the Foley video…maybe that’s why you laid the Sotloff one on it’s back…..don’t want people seeing the same thing too many times do you or it becomes very familiar……so let’s see….you have two guys that are thin….Haines and Foley….and two guys that are heavy…Sotloff and Henning…two prop bodies or just one well padded for the big guys…I’m betting two….that way you could cover the gambit of sizes….and yep….those f*****g heads are probably cut and pasted …..and for people that say the final shot of the body can’t be a still photo…guess again because with modern cameras you can do a pan on a still photo. Shadows aside…look at the jawline on the head…somebody is not too good at doing light correction to make that old head look like it’s naturally sitting on the back of the body…..more like Haines had his head up through a hole in a table in front of a green screen and it was superimposed or rotoscoped in……ok folks…that’s enough F?X lessons for now, but I do encourage you to pick this photo apart and add your own comments….Sincerely, John H

  33. You know what?…I’m not going to talk about religion…Since I’ve done special make-up effects in the past, I’m going to talk about that. To the amateur effects artist that helped produce these videos let me give you a piece of advice even though you are an idiot.. First of all….blood on clothes does not look like that…even if the final photo of this man being dead was taken 5 minutes after the execution (yeah right). Blood begins to clot very quickly when exposed to air and starts to turn a dark reddish brown…not bright red like some body sprayed karo syrup and food coloring on everything. I also see that you put some studio blood on the shoulders this time…you must have seen all the comments about the Foley film about how there was no blood on his shoulders and decided to fix that…hurrah hurrah. Here’s something else…take a look at when Jihad Johnboy grabs his head to start slicing….see how long the “victims” neck is? Well….Johnboy starts “cutting” right under his chin….so where the is the rest of the neck stump on the body?….My guess is that you are using one or two prop bodies or the same model for all the “victims” because the arms and a*s (hey..details, details) on this one look strangely the same as the body used for the Foley video…maybe that’s why you laid the Sotloff one on it’s back…..don’t want people seeing the same thing too many times do you or it becomes very familiar……so let’s see….you have two guys that are thin….Haines and Foley….and two guys that are heavy…Sotloff and Henning…two prop bodies or just one well padded for the big guys…I’m betting two….that way you could cover the gambit of sizes….and yep….those heads are probably cut and pasted …..and for people that say the final shot of the body can’t be a still photo…guess again because with modern cameras you can do a pan on a still photo. Shadows aside…look at the jawline on the head…somebody is not too good at doing light correction to make that old head look like it’s naturally sitting on the back of the body…..more like Haines had his head up through a hole in a table in front of a green screen and it was superimposed or rotoscoped in……ok folks…that’s enough F?X lessons for now, but I do encourage you to pick this photo apart and add your own comments….

  34. ISIS are nothing but cowards. They have to kill people because they don’t believe the same way. How coward is that and STUPID!. Yes, they are STUPID people because no real GOD would have people go out and kill people just because they don’t believe the same way. My wish is that all REAL GODS, take revenge on the FALSE GODS!. I will pray for their believes to turn to a REAL GOD, and not a savage one.

  35. As a human being I hope that the animal kingdom do not suffer the same ideology as us and will keep the planet in a better state than us humans once we are gone

  36. I am Muslim and i was born, I swear I hate ISIS with all my heart …. they are not Muslims, they not fallowing what Koran says.. These evils are killing also Muslims…I bet USA can destroy ISIS in a min,..but i wonder what are they waiting??

  37. General Black Jack Pershing had the solution when he fought the Muslims in the islands. He rounded up some of the enemy, had his firing squad dip their bullets in hog blood, took one of the enemy to watch, then shot all the Muslims. That ended their little bull sh##. A pig is an unclean thing to a Muslim and no virgins in their heaven for them. Ha Ha Ha To bad we dont have leaders like that now, there would not be any isis.

  38. STEM NIET OP DE D66.

    Het blijkt nu dat de D66 de grootste voorstander is geweest voor grootschalige immigratie uit moslimlanden!

    Maar nu gaan ze nog een stap verder: D66, GL, CDA en PVDA willen in Gouda een jihad moskee laten bouwen, de gemeente Gouda lijkt werkelijk een vijandelijke monster!

    D66 wethouders zeggen dat de moskeebouwers geen ISIS leden zijn, maar in werkelijkheid zijn deze salafisten en jihadi’s hetzelfde. ISIS, net als Al-Qaeda, is een splinterorganisatie van de Salafistische beweging die ook in Nederland overheerst!! D66, GL, CDA en PVDA geven jihadisten de kans om hier aanslagen te plegen door weg te kijken, de zaken te bagatelliseren, af te zwakken. Door ze te pamperen (uitkeringen) geven, moskeeën te bouwen. Den Haag slaapt of verliest zich in gehakketak wat uiteindelijk niets oplevert. Een ware horror scenario, D66 in de regering. Van de regen in de drup of eigenlijk zelfs andersom. Een partij die verraad de oppositie door de regering te steunen samen me de christelijke partijen die ook kunnen parasiteren voor eigen zaakjes. Politiek is gedegradeerd tot een vieze handel of zwendel. Werkende mensen en die hele leven gewerkt hebben zijn hier de dupe van. Nu nog door alleen binnenlandse schurken, straks onder Pechtold van de Europese.

    Gouda gaat ten onder; ISIS is een salafistische plant en wacht op zijn prooi!!. Die waarheid moet je niet ontkennen…Het jihadistische salafisme, bouwt nieuwe moskeen en verovert langzammerhand Nederlandse steden, met steun uit de politiek. De overheid maakt zich schuldig: verraderlijke gemeente heeft de hulp ingeroepen van rijke jihadisten uit het M-Oosten. De tijd tikt, maar wat kan het volk ertegen doen? Pechtold is de grootste en gevaarlijkste demagoog van het Binnenhof. En hij snapt ook nog steeds niet dat hij door de islamieten als een westerse christelijke hond wordt gezien! 
    De D66 is een bijwagen van het PvdA. D66 is sowieso een uiterst schadelijke partij voor Nederland.
    Mensen die D66 stemmen, snappen niet dat D66 hun toekomst naar de bliksem helpt.

    Wie deze coalitie steunt is trouwens niets waard en zijn succesje is maar tijdelijk.

    D66 verwart en mixt gewoon wat begrippen, misleidt de mensen. En ieder die beweert dat de slachtingen, aanslagen en een aantal bloedige oorlogen van de afgelopen pak weg 25 jaar niets met de Islam te maken hebben hoort m.i. niet thuis in een landsbestuur. Dit houdt niet in dat alle moslims terroristen zijn, maar zij behoren wel tot een hele verkeerde sekte. Als we kijken naar het bloedvergieten wat de Islam teweeg brengt, kan dit niet tot een gewone godsdienst gerekend worden.
    In ca 1500 jaar heeft zich geen enkele mildere afsplitsing voorgedaan, sterker nog ze worden met de dag bloeddorstiger. Als Rutte, Samson en Pechtold weer schreeuwen: “Dit heeft niets te maken met de Islam”, dan zeggen we ook, Nederland is dit gedraai en gekonkel spuugzat! Een fundamenteel foute ideologie die sommigen iets milder belijden, maar dat is slechts een vernislaagje om de ware aard te verdoezelen.

    Van straat jongens tot massamoordenaars!

    Door de D66 gesteunde regering Rutte gaf onlangs miljoenen euro’s aan de Moslimorganisaties! Goed georganiseerde islamisten worden steeds militanter in Nederland. Straat voor straat, wijk voor wijk zijn er etnische omwentelingen aan de gang. Nieuwe generaties worden in de moskeen opgevoed/opgeleid als jihadisten tegen de Nederlanders!!

    Hoe moslimjongeren moordende jihadisten aan het worden.

    Er zijn in Nederland duizenden moskeen en andere soort islamitische instellingen die hele dag propaganda verspreiden voor de jihad. Deze islamisering proces wordt door de D66, PVDA, CDA, en GL politici gesteund en richt zich fundamenteel tegen de belangen en behoeftes van de burgers. De gewone burger wordt tot de laatste door dit kabinet zeer nauwkeurig berekende cent zó uitgeknepen, het ideologische en glazentoren gebazel kent geen grenzen. 

    Iedereen kan waarnemen dat ons land als gevolg van het tot nu toe gevoerde immigratiebeleid langzaam maar zeker naar de knoppen gaat. Het gaat niet alleen om het geld. De immigratie (99% bestaat uit de moslims) in Nederland is qua aantallen extreem veel geweest en in een te korte periode. De Nederlandse samenleving is overspoelt met moslims. De grote steden lijken inmiddels bijna islamitische enclaves.
    Ons land gaat compleet naar de klote. We leven inmiddels in een schijn democratie: alles wat het volk wil wordt genegeerd en burgers bestempeld als groot gevaar voor burgers.

    Intussen gaat de ongecontroleerde islamitische volksverplaatsing door, jihadisten hebben vaste voet in Nederland… Het grootste gevaar komt van deze moslims. Ze willen de echte jihad juist hier uitvoeren. De islam wil niet met de niet-moslims samen gaan. Omdat zij zich superieur wanen. Zo staat dat in hun genen: wanneer dan ook, hoe dan ook moeten ze met hun heilige oorlog beginnen…! Het zal ons nog vele vele miljarden kosten, betaald door de hardwerkende mensen; vooral de jeugd van nu zal de gevolgen later ondervinden. De onderzoeken constateren somber dat Nederland reeds ten prooi is gevallen aan de Islam, en met de Frankrijk hetzelfde dreigt te gebeuren.

  39. If you are so proud of what you are doing, if you are fighting for the right cause, why do you have to cover your face?

    If for some reason I end up being your captive, I wouldn’t mind dying because my death will be bad karma for you.

    May you rot in hell!

  40. zrudy!!! ani zviratka se takto nechovaji jako oni!!! a pak co jsou ???? jaktoze maji ruce a nohy, kdyz nemaji dusi ????zivot za zivot !! smrt islamu!!!!

  41. What a brave man David Hains was a credit to his family and humanity! Note that the coward holding the knife is too afraid to reveal his face. I doubt if this murderer would be so composed had the roles been reversed. Sadly, this is just one small example of what the end results of man made religion/s create, divisions between people. Humans seem to have an innate ability to find excuses to murder each other based upon any excuse of our perceived differences of race, religion, height, weight, fat, thin, small or tall, beauty and uglyness. In the end these are only excuses to distance ourselves from the abject suffering and misery we impose on others who are different from us. Here we see religion being blamed as the excuse and a man who is about to die a most brutal of deaths act with dignity and self composure. I can only imagine what pain and torture this poor man had already endured to make him say and act as he did in the seconds before his throat was slit like a slaughtered sheep! Rest in Peace brave soul!

  42. I all think we can agree that england accepted to support U.S beacuse they think what ISIS is doing is wrong, not beacuse they are to afraid to go against U.S what a stupid conclusion to come up with, ISIS u know what ur doing is wrong and u wont get away with it, the reason the whole world is against u is curse ur insanae, not beacuse we are afraid to go against America,

    Greetings from Denmark with air support against ISIS, Go to hell

  43. This is a f*****g set up, media investigators in America said that there is cgi present in these videos. They never actually show you the execution only the events afterwards. The reason why the majority of the beheadings are british people including the jihadi john is because the UKs population has become soo against war due to economic pressures. The government needs to reinforce the hatred for ISIS so they get support for the attacks they’re doing. The man who tells you stuff on the news can be bullshitting just remember that

  44. Isis are a load of little f**s hiding behind cloth, oh you little sad f*****g asses it will be more than your heads cut off that you need to worry about when you are caught no criminal court for you dirty shits, 1000 cuts and counting, very painful death I bet you are s******g yourselves.

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