Iraq will not accept foreign ground troops says Iraqi PM while Iranian and Hezbollah forces operate in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi

Baghdad ( On Wednesday the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that he is totally opposed to Arab states joining US-led air strikes against ISIS.

In his interview with the BBC, the Iraqi Prime Minister said “Western air strikes by the United States, France and Britain had filled the gap in our battle against the ISIS threat. The Iraqi forces can defeat ISIS if there is a good air cover, and without any ground intervention.” said Abadi.

He also said “We are very clear we will not accept any troops on the ground except Iraqi troops.”

Despite these assurances by the Prime Minister has reported extensively about foreign troop activity in Iraq and their coordination with the central government, including Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces:

The United States alone has carried out over 200 air strikes on ISIS positions in Iraq since August 2014. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar have recently participated in conducting US-led air strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier today, Australia announced, that it has joined the US-led operations and will carry out air strikes on ISIS positions. Turkish President had sent two memorandums to the Turkish Parliament in relation to the border situation with Syria and ISIS threat in Iraq on last Monday, and has pointed out that Turkey may need to join the military operations soon.

Iran’s officials have also declared that Iran would send ground troops to combat ISIS in deep Iraqi territories if their border was threatened.

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  1. If Iraq has accepted Hezbollah, IRGC troops and Iranian aviators in country, but refuses ‘western’ or ‘Arab League’ forces, why is that anyone else’ business? Personally, I think ISF would do a whole lot better with no Americans in country at all, let alone ‘advising’.

  2. It’s obvious what Iran and the Shiite government in Baghdad have in store for the Kurds and Sunni tribes, Iranian and Hezbollah forces are not acceptable to them. but the Iraqi PM gets his orders from Tehran. The Shia militias and government have already made their move against Mosul, and Baghdad provinces. I say kick their a*s’s back to Basra.

  3. My goodness! ” You are Damned if you do, and you are Damned if you don’t.”Dear Mr. President before the situation becomes irreversibly complicated, and every finger starts pointing at you , in particular, let us smoothly get out of Iraq before, a real major Disaster strikes. Besides, the Iraqi goverment , their Parliment, and all the Shia Militias, including the Hezbollas and the Iranian Quds forces have warned repeatedly and threathened, that they do not want any American Boots on the ground and if the govt dosen’t comply to their Demand, they will abandon their posts and leave. The latest demand of the Iraqi govt is that, the Gulf Countries and Turkey, will not be allowed for Air Strikes, in Iraq. My other concern is the Mosul Dam. In a chaotic situation, or as a last resort or even if accidentally, the Dam is hit during Air Strikes and significantly destroyed or damaged, then all this killing, just. for a piece ofm land, would be in vain, because, then, every thing will be destroyed, the entire Country, submerged, under 5-25 feet of water.

  4. YEAH ! we saw that on June 10th ,.how strong the 30,000 Iraqi troops were against about 500 ISIS. Had it not been for the American and Coalition Air Strikes,, both Iraq and Syria, by now would have been an ” ISLAMIC CALIPHATE “.So be grateful to them, and not brag. that the Iraqi Troops and the Shiite Militias, would be able to defeat ISIS

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