VIDEO: ISIS Filipino fighter urges Jihadists in Philippines to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Screenshot from ISIS video showing an unnamed fighter from Philippines urging fellow jihadists to join ISIS.

( On Monday, a Filipino ISIS fighter urged ISIS supporters in the Philippines to join ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. The fighter, who has appeared in a video published by the ISIS’ affiliated al-Hayat Media Center and available below, is believed to be the same ‘Asian-looking’ militant who was identified by U.S. military sources as the Filipino ISIS fighter who had participated in the execution video of 16 Syrian pilots and Peter Kassig, a former U.S. Army Ranger that had volunteered as an aid-worker in Iraq.

In a short video message produced by the ISIS affiliated al-Hayat Media Center and published on an ISIS-related accounts on Twitter, the unnamed ISIS fighter from the Philippines has called his fellow Jihadists to join ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. The fighter said in the 30-second video footage that was obtained by, “You’re saying there is no way to immigrate; all you have to do is to have hope and trust in God. And you will see how God will make it easy for you to immigrate; Here I am in front of you in the land of blessings and al-Jihad.”

Full ISIS Video

[wpvideo tqpolHtw]

According to ‘The ISIS Study Group,’ the ‘Asian-looking’ fighter was thought to be a Filipino and identified as an executioner in the ISIS video published on Nov 16th 2014, showing the execution of the Syrian pilots and Kassig, a U.S. former army ranger who worked as an aid-worker in Iraq before captured and beheaded by ISIS.

The Philippine Army spokesman Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc had said that the military could not confirm whether the executioner is indeed a Filipino, however, the website ‘The ISIS Study Group‘ said in a statement received by “The recent ISIS execution video showing the beheadings of the Syrian pilots and Peter Kassig is extremely important due to the fact that a Filipino foreign fighter was involved in the execution of the pilots and Peter Kassig.”

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  1. All that come to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS will be killed. If they choose to stay in the Philippines and fight there then they also will be killed by the Philippine’s army. Either way they will be killed if they choose to take up weapons to fight their Jihad.

  2. I believed the MILF or the MNLF will never join these monsters except for the Abu Sayyaf which is equally brutal like Daesh

  3. don’t join terrorist organization. If you love your religion and respect GOD, be good human, not terrorist. Do something better for society.

  4. If any Filipinos choose to go to fight for ISIS they are total idiots BECAUSE they have ALREADY been tortured, raped and abused enough in the Gulf by working as slave laborers and maids in SAudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar where they are treated subhuman. To fight for ISIS/Saudi Arabia/Qatar would just be plain dumb.

  5. Fyi. Theres only few of them in the philippines and the armed gorces of the philippines have been hunting them down to extinction.

  6. do not spend time in trials just kill these bastards, whever is atracted to mame other humans in the name o God is thinking with the emotional mind and not the rational one, these individuals are a danger to society so off them at once

  7. If he is from the Philippines, he is stupid and irrational. What kind of God is he mentioning? Our God is intelligent enough to know who He is siding, because as God, He knows what is right and what is wrong.Shame on you who use the name of God in vain and use Him to hide your evil deeds in this world of ours.

  8. That guy aint a Filipino ,Filipinos are smart and they dont work for people that are insane,brutal and dumb like the ISIS…Lets just hope this guy in the picture blows himself up for the love of ISIS..

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