VIDEO: ISIS Filipino fighter urges Jihadists in Philippines to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Screenshot from ISIS video showing an unnamed fighter from Philippines urging fellow jihadists to join ISIS.

( On Monday, a Filipino ISIS fighter urged ISIS supporters in the Philippines to join ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. The fighter, who has appeared in a video published by the ISIS’ affiliated al-Hayat Media Center and available below, is believed to be the same ‘Asian-looking’ militant who was identified by U.S. military sources as the Filipino ISIS fighter who had participated in the execution video of 16 Syrian pilots and Peter Kassig, a former U.S. Army Ranger that had volunteered as an aid-worker in Iraq.

In a short video message produced by the ISIS affiliated al-Hayat Media Center and published on an ISIS-related accounts on Twitter, the unnamed ISIS fighter from the Philippines has called his fellow Jihadists to join ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. The fighter said in the 30-second video footage that was obtained by, “You’re saying there is no way to immigrate; all you have to do is to have hope and trust in God. And you will see how God will make it easy for you to immigrate; Here I am in front of you in the land of blessings and al-Jihad.”

Full ISIS Video

[wpvideo tqpolHtw]

According to ‘The ISIS Study Group,’ the ‘Asian-looking’ fighter was thought to be a Filipino and identified as an executioner in the ISIS video published on Nov 16th 2014, showing the execution of the Syrian pilots and Kassig, a U.S. former army ranger who worked as an aid-worker in Iraq before captured and beheaded by ISIS.

The Philippine Army spokesman Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc had said that the military could not confirm whether the executioner is indeed a Filipino, however, the website ‘The ISIS Study Group‘ said in a statement received by “The recent ISIS execution video showing the beheadings of the Syrian pilots and Peter Kassig is extremely important due to the fact that a Filipino foreign fighter was involved in the execution of the pilots and Peter Kassig.”

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