Civil Society

Civil Society

Iraq civil society, latest Iraq civil society news.

Civil Society

Civil Society
Iraq civil society, latest Iraq civil society news.

Calf escapes from its butchers and terrifies Kirkuk residents

( Kirkuk – Eyewitnesses in Kirkuk province revealed that a calf had escaped from its butchers, after wounding them, while they were trying to slaughter it...

Karbala residents protest against poor electricity services

( Karbala – Dozens of Karbala residents demonstrated against poor electricity service in the province and urged the ministry to lessen the electricity prices that were...

Sulaimaniya Civil Status Directorate’s work to be paused

( Sulimaniyah – The General Directorate for Nationality announced stopping work in al-Sulimaniyah Civil Status Directorate starting from July 10, in order to issue...

In Diyala, child was awarded for returning back 17 million dinars

( Diyala – On Tuesday, a local source in Diyala Province stated, that a displaced child returned back a women's bag containing 17 million...

Health Directorate reveals increase in mumps cases in schools

( Baghdad – On Monday, Directorate of Public Health revealed an increase in the number of mumps cases in most schools in different provinces,...

Ministry of Labor warns the unemployed about dealing with ghost offices

  ( Baghdad - The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has warned on Wednesday, the unemployed from dealing with ghost companies and offices, confirming that...

Khark Criminal Court issues death verdicts against 2 Thawrat Al-Ishreen Kidnappers

Baghdad ( Karkh Criminal Court issued death verdicts against two Thawrat Al-Ishreen defendants for being involved in abducting a man in cooperation with other criminals. A...

Baghdad Mayorship inaugurates Alawi bridge of central Baghdad

Baghdad ( Baghdad Mayorship announced the inauguration of the bridge of Mut'haf Square in Alawi neighborhood of central Baghdad to relief the trafficjams. A statement...

Mosul Aleppo air route opens to evacuate Iraqis in Syria

NINEWA ( Mosul-Aleppo air route opens today to evacutate Iraqis living in Syria to aid those unable to travel across overland routes. Governor of Ninewa...

Civil society in Missan calls for improving ration cards

MISSAN / Civil society organizations in Missan demanded lawmakers and members of the local council in the province to guarantee the citizens' rights...

Iraqi NGOs meet US counterparts to develop joint relations

ARBIL / A delegation of Iraqi NGO organizations visited the USA to meet their counterparts, US administration establishments, the Congress and decision makers,...

59% reject establishing new regions in Iraq

BAGHDAD / Two NGO organizations disclosed that a referendum was carried out in 9 Iraqi provinces which showed that 59 percent of the...

Parade for Iraq orphans in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / A group of NGO organizations decided to organize a parade for Iraqi orphans today with the participation of 1000 orphans with...

Better development in Iraqi prisons – Human Rights Ministry

BAGHDAD / The Human Rights Ministry Under-Secretary announced today that there are developments in Iraqi prisons and detention centers, expressing hopes for a...

Possibilities to form higher council for population discussed

BAGHDAD / Discussions were made to form a higher council for population in Iraq to deal with the demographic questions and population policies...


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