Army kills 44 terrorists, removes 45 IEDs in al-Karma district, says BoC

Iraqi army soldier. File photo.
Iraqi army soldier. File photo.

( Baghdad – On Monday, Baghdad Operations Command announced, that 44 terrorists have been killed and 45 IEDs were dismantled on the 13th day of the army’s operation ‘Fajr al-Karma’ in the district of al-Karma and its surrounding areas.

Baghdad Operations said in a statement received by, “Security forces continued advancing to liberate the rest of al-Karma and its surrounding areas and managed to inflict heavy losses upon the terrorists’ ranks in the district,” noting that, “The forces managed to kill 44 terrorists and dismantle 45 improvised explosive devices as part of the operation Fajr al-Karma.”

“The security operations also resulted in destroying 9 shelters for the enemy and the seizure of 5 Katyusha rockets, in addition to destroying two vehicles that had carried explosives and 5 other vehicles that were carrying machine-guns,” the statement added.

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