URGENT Video: ISIS beheads UK aid worker Alan Henning


WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND IMAGES ( On Saturday the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released the video below showing one of its elements beheading the British hostage, Alan Henning, noting that “the execution comes in response to a British air strikes against the positions of the organization in Iraq.”

Henning, 47, had joined an aid convoy and was taken captive on Dec. 26, 2013 shortly after crossing the border between Turkey and Syria.

His wife, Barbara, had pleaded for his release in the past week, calling her husband a “peaceful, selfless man” who wanted to help those in need.

The video, which is just over a minute long and titled “Another Message to America and Its Allies,” mirrors the previous beheading videos of UK aid worker David Haines, American journalist Steven Sotloff and American Journalist James Foley released by the Islamic State.

Henning speaks briefly to the camera as he kneels. “I’m Alan Henning. Because of our parliament’s decision to attack the Islamic state I, as a member of the British public, will now pay the price for that decision,” he says.

British-accented “Jihadi John” then addresses the camera, saying: “The blood of David Haines is on your hands Cameron. Alan Henning will also be slaughtered but his blood is on the hands of the British parliament”.




British Prime Minister David Cameron in a statement said:

“The brutal murder of Alan Henning by ISIL shows just how barbaric and repulsive these terrorists are.

My thoughts and prayers tonight are with Alan’s wife Barbara, their children and all those who loved him.

Alan had gone to Syria to help get aid to people of all faiths in their hour of need. The fact that he was taken hostage when trying to help others and now murdered demonstrates that there are no limits to the depravity of these ISIL terrorists.

We will do all we can to hunt down these murderers and bring them to justice.”

Full Video:
[wpvideo 17FrWKtN]

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    Please don’t post such images , remove it please.
    please don’t show any isis beheading images. ISIS wants to terrorize people and we should not display his terror by showing such images.
    Also allen family does not like that world should see allen beheaded images. so for the respect and privacy of allen family, kindly remove beheaded images.

    Allen is so really true and kind hearted person.He left his family and moved to syria for poor people help. Truly speaking there are countable person like him who are so brave and kind hearted. But this world is full of dirty and inhuman people.
    My salute and Rest in peace to allen. GOD bless his family.
    Don’t forget GOD is watching everything…everybody has to die one day…..Those who is doing such heinous beheading will go to hell after death for sure and will born as painful creature in next birth.

  2. Yahweh will judge these murderers , the name isis will be remembered no more. Praying for allen’s family. But pls dont post these images, as we should not fear these devils, which is there purpose of doing these.

  3. my heart breaks for alan’s family, and the other people who were also tragically murdered. i pray these monstrous murders are caught and made to suffer. May our heavenly father above comfort his family in this horrible time of tragedy.

  4. One more voice asking to not publish these kind of pictures. Showing these pictures is colaborating with ISIS in their war of terror against civilisation.

  5. Nook the basterds ..stop Muslims coming in the UK and out the UK lock it down i hope the USA cut his head off .And have them who support these evil idiots for treason .and these Muslim twits so called John knows that our government don’t care who they kill as long as it’s not them

  6. Yet another innocent man murdered by cowards. God bless you Alan you made a difference. May the murdering animals of Isis rot in hell

  7. dont make snese that they want to kill a man who have not fought a war against them or anything only to help the people of syria.

    they not proving nothing against this beheading and they will pay

  8. I disagree, I believe the pictures and videos should be posted. When you hear of someone being beheaded or killed, it really doesn’t sink in as much as if you physically see it. As 9/11 was, all the sensitive liberal believing people said we should remove the images and videos, said it would just breed anger and aggression, said it would cause hate.. And as a L.Corpral in the Marine Core I say it should piss you off, it should make you mad, it should determine you to want to end it, to end this group. The terrorist of 9/11 wanted to change America forever, and they did. The next day there were flags flying off every porch, volunteers helping with clean-up and helping victims families, and there were also also a lot of pissed young men signing up anxious to kick middle eastern a*s! And this ISIS is no different, there hitting us straight in the heart. There attacking innocent people and beheading them and it’s time America got pissed again.. Bonded together as one and went to there a*s.. But that’s just my two cents

  9. Where is the actual video footage? This is all fake b******t. Photoshopped nonsense. We can’t believe one word from the USCorp news media. Give up, you have lost. Stop with the Ebola nonsense and all your other soap operas.

  10. Gadget was my friend. My hearts bleeds for his family. He truly was a wonderful, pleasant, look on the bright side kind of man. ISIS are pure evil they use their ‘religion’ as an excuse to do what ever the hell they want. I’m Christian but I know there is nothing Islamic about brutal murder. The world lacks people like Alan. You made a difference to a lot of people Gadget, the people you aided in Syria, the people who knew you and the rest of the world when you were taken to soon. Rest In Peace my friend.

  11. Photoshopped Yeah Right You insolent prick it,s not photoshopped to make him looked toned down or hide facial spots..this is a human being and obviously a good one… you people [ISIS} havent quite caught onto understanding the meaning of being HUMAN have you… this is enraging and elevating the humanity in us all outside of your little bubble that will be pricked… you will never be winners for what you are doing

  12. After his first visit delivering supplies Alan had ‘Aid for Syria’ tattoed on his arm. The experience had changed his life. The executioner would have seen this tattoo at some point. We are moving backwards into the dark ages and nobody who has a conscience can support these atrocities. The case for moderate Islam is being destroyed by these monsters, may they never rest in peace.

  13. Absolutely disgusting that these images are visible on the web. What is wrong with the world that such base behaviour is glorified by its visibility on the web. my heart goes out to the family and I hope that the murderers are punished in this life and the next.

  14. This is horrible! What if Alan’s wife or children come across this site? They do not need to remember this beloved man in this manner. The images and video must be taken down. This is exactly what the ISIS militants want. Way to play devils advocate by sharing these images. I am truly sorry for Alan and his loved ones.

  15. Pull all aid and support out of all Islamic countries. Let them fight to the end amongst themselves and then blitz the winners. We do not need any of them

  16. My heart bleeds for this wonderful mans family, these images should not be shown at all, but we’re are civilised, as for the cowards who took a good persons life, allah will make you burn in hell, saint alan henning

  17. Every American and British citizens should be very careful of their Muslim brothers and sisters. They’ve been winning, dinning and sleeping with their enemies.

  18. When such crimes were committed by jihadists in Bosnia or Afghanistan, the US and the UK chose to keep them secret. Well, now it’s pay time.

  19. This should be shown , We Americans are sheltered by this violence and go about our days as if nothing bad is happing , not a care . Out of sight out of mind . If its not happening to me then why should I care . right !!!!!!!!, We need to be aware of these things and realize that there are bad people out there with madd ideas . Its funny how this gets everyone attention but not the violence we have here at home . We are sheltered hidden from a lot of bad thing that goes on around us and if we do see it we look away as if it not happening . I never bull s**t my children and would not make them watch this but if they did want too I would let them watch it . I would answer any questions with a certain follow up of what going on . No reason to let these children think life is full of lolly pops and candy canes . I’m tired of the secret s**t and the false security that is giving to us every day .

  20. These videos are meant to strike fear in us? Little do these terror groups know there is no fear from us here in America. Show these videos. Show the beheadings, show the bombing of the twin towers. This will get us to a point of proper retaliation. These innocent people dieing for ISIS’ s useless and pitiful cause will only get us pist off. Everyone of you ISIS and terrorists bastards will pay for what you have done.

  21. The intent for you and I to see it is not to be terrorised but aware, whatever ISIS intend is is not the matter here what you make of it is. These are part of the harsh realities on the world you and I leave choosing to ignore them doesn’t make them go away.

  22. Iam sick to death of hearing about ISLAM and MUSLIMS as are nearly everyone in the UK.
    Iam sick of hearing “the majority of muslims are peaceful, B******T!!
    Britain needs to wake up because these bastards are the vermin of the world.
    Where there is trouble, intolerence, terrorism,attrocities in the world, muslims are invariably at the heart of it..
    How interesting it would be to do a poll where the british could express their real feelings on this subject where they could remain anonymous, I know the results will be startling. Britain is sick of these racist, disrespectful pieces of s**t.
    Britain is sick of programmes like question time who are always defending them and claiming its a peaceful religion.
    Fortunately Britain is waking up to what this race represents and its certainly NOT PEACE.

  23. Seriously – f**ckers – cowards – untie the guy let him have a fighting chance – Thoughts with families of victims.

  24. These animals should meet the same fate of their victims with a semi sharp saw. This doesn’t doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad, but what other group does this barbaric s**t?

  25. Yes, it’s sad, barbaric, disgusting and all the other adjectives we assign to these Islamic atrocities, but it is also REALITY and people had better wake the hell up to it because this is the Neanderthal garbage our children are going to inherit if we don’t annihilate it now!

    As much as you want to hate, you must also listen to their message. They believe they are ‘cleansing’ the lands of people who are not faithful to Allah….Christians, ‘apostate’ Muslims, corrupt political persons and the armies who help them wheel and deal the country’s resources away for power and profit at the expense of the people. Now exclude the innocent Christian and Muslims they are killing and tell yourself you can’t relate to their stand against the corruption.

    I in no way condone what these lunatics are doing to innocents and they certainly must be stopped from spreading their murderous ideology into other lands sooner rather than later. But their message cannot be ignored and it’s time for citizens of the west to ask themselves WHY we have any involvement in the overthrow/removal of governments in other lands…Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, et al. It’s past time to listen and think for yourselves.

  26. these couwards dont have the enough guts to face the US Military face to face because they know they will die, (history has demostrated) so the only way they can show their frustration is to harm inocent civilians. ISIS, you consider yourself soldiers? well fight soldier not civilians, all you all are is a bunch or couwards..

  27. Holy f**k, these animals need to be blown out of the universe, hope the world gets on top of it soon,, f** k sake this is terrible.. Their mothers should be proud, not…

  28. God helps those who suffer in his name. Those pictures are a stark reminder of humans that want to glorify the devil inside them. Their fate will be eternal deletion whilst those who suffer in the name of Jesus to follow the father enjoy the everlasting life living on in the hearts of others. Those who kill in the name of Muhammed will suffer the same fate as those who kill in the name of any God, they will burn out in hell. They only live on in the dark parts of other peoples anatomy that I leave to you to imagine. Their souls are deluded by a God that has no real authority. A God that needs people to be killed by humans is a God that has no authority. Perhaps we should teach that to our children. The real hard task is to be able to forgive those poor deluded souls in the light of such cruel pictures and to help them to get back to the light. It is particularly important to protect their fellow Muslim from the irrationality of their religion, to protect their contemporaries from being as blinded as those tempted by their own selfishness as we should protect those in the western world from their self delusions. I sometimes understand their fears they have when looking at the western lifestyle
    I still wait for a muslim to tell me what things Muhammed is suposed to have said that carries more glory than what Jesus had said already as to make it worthwhile following him instead of Jesus. Just because some call him a later prophet as he came later than Jesus does not make him more rightious, nor did it make Hitler rightious who clearly also thought of himself to be divine himself as well. God is rightious, but he was in the beginning and will be at the end.

  29. Alan, and those that so unnecessarily lost their lives – I salute you.
    To those of ISIS, you are nothing but pathetic cowards.
    There is no justification in your pathetic ways.
    The time for being moderate is coming to an end – and your time ISIS is coming.
    And when you die, and you will die – may you go in Hell for your actions.

  30. it’s about time all “real” Muslims stand up and speak out against the trash who kill in the name of their so called god.

  31. Very sick people, their action is discussing and far away from the true Islam, I am a Muslim woman and really have no clue how those can commit these crimes and terror in the name of Islam. When I heard about the terrifying news with alan’s videos of his aid mission of aid to Syria, just could not stop myself from an emotional cry as if he was my own brit her, real heart breaking for him and other victims…

  32. Filthy Islamic scum. No muslim is innocent. The sooner these filthy Islamic scumbags are wiped out the better.

  33. u b*****d a*****e ISIS ur god will surely punish u fr killing an innocent man …wait fr ur turn wen u will be slaughtered u JIHAD A*****E JOHN

  34. i am confused with this wild people,even we can not call them animal.i hope god will punish this wild isis group like themselves.

  35. Muslims had proved that they are the real enemy of humanity,Muslims increased terrorism in all the corners of the world . Isis is the open result of Muslims violence,their religion is human invention but just created by a invader for becoming a famous in their local or region.divine power or god does not permit for killing people and force them convert their own religion.god or Allah if they are exist,He is most powerful and created earth for us ,He does not demands to the people to worship Him,but Islam crossed the line of cruelty ,it is worst religion on earth which contains foolish word like kafir and jihad written in Kuran.these word are example of existing cruelty in Islam is a major instrument to increasing terrorism only. Humanity is the supreme religion on earth , along with all the religion in the world

  36. Men are such insolent pigs. Plain, stupid ejaculation. Fight like dumb animals, only not with survival as the motive, but rather revenge. That is an entirely benevolent, yet ignorant kind of stupidity. No intellect. Just dumb cave-man stupid testosterone. When will women realize their responsibility (and power) and delete this useless “accident” inutero? Take out the garbage, “man”…

  37. That ‘terrorist’ is in good shape. I think I’ve seen him modelling in East Ham East London part time. The man who got beheaded was a fat head, I think it would have looked better if he’d lost some weight first then gone for his haircut. The only reason the American won’t get rescued is because Ronald McDonald can’t fit a hand grenade in a double chilli halal cheeseburger. Did they go over there to molest Arab boys? Then why the Brit didn’t stay in his own country and feed his own British white race?

  38. Hey everyone….while I agree these vids are disgusting, I also agree that they are fake as hell too..I’ve seen all the comments on here giving condolences and that means you all have great do I…but I’ve also done work in the special effects makeup industry….and have a post on the Haines video…and folks let me tell you….these vids stink of fake propaganda designed to scare the hell out of you so you’ll keep those dollars rolling in…..

  39. I have never witnessed anything so vile & the pig doing the beheadings is british. Just a fanny out for sick jollies! Nothing to do with religion…just a murderous psycho getting his rocks off!

  40. They want to go back to the days of Saladin but what the savages don’t realize is Saladin would have beheaded his own fighters if they performed cowardly acts like this off the battle field.

  41. My body aches with pain when I imagine what hell you must be in being beheaded slowly with a small knife and knowing it is about to happen! Human beings should not leave this world in this way nor should an animal. How evil and cruel. What the hell will they do next and to whom? These men are in my mind and I can’t forget, it’s too insane to forget what has happened to these poor people while we are just having dinner or napping peacefully and worrying about paying our bills….how dare we worry and how dare we keep letting this happen? We can’t get away with driving with s balding tyre but they can do this right in front of our eyes, not once or twice but on and on and we don’t rescue even one of them with all the money and powers available, why I want to know?

  42. ISIS basterds… stop dis now or else you will pay d price u r not willing to pay… be scared of death coz its coming to get u

  43. they r cowards high on drugs,,,nobodys …. who show off in the safety of their desert play ground,,,,even children could slap them up if given fair fighting grounds,,,,im telling u ppl they r cowards,,,,

  44. i wana tell all da world one truth tht will defeat these cowards,,,i.e,, only one thing is needed in order for evil to thrive and spread in our world,,,,,and that is that good people sit around and do nothing about it.

  45. this is not a real islam.
    ISIS is not like what they claim to be Islamic state if iraq and syria
    for all ISIS people. if u really claiming that u a servant of allah. u must follow what allah tought us through al-quran and hadith.

    beheading a human being is wrong. totally wrong. even u in war. u cannot beheading people. this is wrong. in war u are allow to kill human if ONLY THAT HUMAN WANT TO KILL U FIRST. but u must kill him instantly without torturing and terrorizing other like this. it totally wrong. this journalist only come to assist and people who suffer there. u do like that u totally inhuman. worst than an animal

    remember for that slaughterer, u will be punish by allah after this.

    please. real islam will know this is NOT THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM.
    ISIS is totally opposite of what the ISLAM way of life.

    soon Allah will punish everyone who doing bad things to other human being even in what races or religion. including a muslim who claim to be muslim but doing bad thing to other people. only hell is the suitable place for them

  46. Such tactics to scare people. But all they are doing is uniting a world opinion, to wipe them off the face of the earth. Even people who don’t like war, would accept a machine gun from government to go irradiate these pigs. What u doing America and uk? Supposed to be protecting our nationals. At least Jordan showed world how to deal with them.

  47. ISIS are much like Hitler etc. only want power. Using terror tactics to be top of the terrorist heap. No doubt, the top dogs are probably wine drinking, womanising, power crazed idiots. Unfortunately, like Hitler, good at using a tool such as religion for recruitment and propaganda. Brainwashing the so called soldiers, who believe in what the leaders of them really don’t.

  48. They need eliminating. Hard to understand our governments. It’s the first war since WW2 that the public would fully back the government to go in full blast, boots n all. Must be no money in this war for the chronies.

  49. For all you people who say , “Do not show” This needs to be seen.
    Out of sight is out of mind.
    To ignore is to deny !

  50. If we as people stand around and live by the way of life have allow to take over our lives Over the last 50 years then we may be next. When we live in concrete jungles and the only concern is about big our bank accounts are. Our society has changed most people can’t see past the nose. This is an attack on the world in our belief system and our belief system ma very well backfire…… Go back and study history….. The value system has changed this is a wake up call. You can’t hug a tree if its not there to hug….

  51. Reading these views makes me realise that the human race still has a way to go. Most views say kill them or nuke (or nook sic) them. Doesn’t that make us just as bad? Pity them, condemn them. But taking any action makes us just as bad as them. Besides that, the aid worker will be turning in his grave!

    BTW this video is Photoshopped nonsense. Maybe Alan is alive and well and living with lord Lucan and Shergar!

  52. Isis why punish an innocent man you horrible f****d up wank stains !! HOPE THE BRITISH AND AMERICAN TROOPS NUKE THE F*****G LOT OF YOU !!

  53. ISIS are scum that were financed by the U.S. to their benefit.
    Unfortunately that backing is now biting our asses.
    When will they(US)learn they are not the world police and the Arab nations are beyond help.
    Demolish ISIS and then leave the Middle East to their own fete.
    We will have enough to do fighting the extremists within our own societies let alone overseas.
    RIP Alan, and all the others who have died at the hands of these barbaric pricks.
    PS, Jihadi John….your days are numbered now we know your identity, the boys from Hereford are on their way.

  54. what the f**k is the us president doing? Hunt these bastards down and f*****g push red hot iron rods up their backsides, no one has the right to take another persons life.Is it so easy just to slit their throats,wheres humanity and what type of humanity is this?kill each and everyone of these bastards who think that their god is right and the only one, every ones religion has their own rights and should be respected, what the politicians of these countries are doing for all this unruly practice, wake up these are human beings like you and me, breathing the same air, how would it feel to beheaded and what must be going through the victims famlies, if war has to be declared than it should be declared, but this animals should be killed and sent to hell, where they belong.

  55. No don’t stop posting them. The world needs to see how pathetic and cowardly these people continue to be. The hero here and the courageous man died . The coward with his ridiculously pathetic message lives on but not for long. Evil always goes down. It is a continuous struggle but ultimately jihadists Jane and his cowardous group of hit and runners will get destroyed. No heaven no nothing . They will live eternity in he’ll and so be it or Amen

  56. These images are sickening. How anyone can justify these barbaric acts in the name of God or Allah is beyond me. Islam is, as far as I am aware, a faith of peace and tolerance. This does not represent Islam. These animals should be hunted down and destroyed like the dogs they are.They are psychotics parading under the guise of religion. If they have their way they will drag us all back to the Dark Ages…………..I hope these perpetrators of evil burn in Hell for eternity.

  57. Omg what is going on in this world today? Regardless of religion Alan showed the beautiful heart of kindness and care towards humans . No group of people wether Isis or otherwise can justify this barbaric brutality against a man who reflected the heart of an angel. Simply demonic destruction at work here if they worship a God that governs them to act in this way against such a good living person, surely the name of their God is none other than Satan himself . Alan I know you did not deserve this nor your loved ones and friends to lose you in this way. You were a light in this dark destructive world doing good when evil crossed your path. My hope is that you are now safe in the loving arms of Jesus .

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