URGENT: ISIS beheads Kurdish female fighter “Rehana”

WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES Kobani, Syria ( ISIS militants fighting over the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani reportedly beheaded the Kurdish fighter known as Rehana.

The young famous soldier defended Kobani over the past few weeks and killed over 100 ISIS militants. Rehana’s picture holding her gun and making a V-sign was widely-distributed on social networks and now a picture of an ISIS militant holding her decapitated head is making the rounds.

It is estimated that female fighters form about 30% of the Kurdish forces defending Kobani. All of them are volunteers according to the leader of the female fighters, Mayass Abdo.

UPDATE 28/10/2014:

Kurdish journalist denies ISIS killed “Rehana”

Baghdad ( Rehana, the Syrian Kurdish girl claimed to be killed by ISIS is reported to be alive and well according to the Kurdish journalist, Pawan Durani.

Rehana’s picture smiling and making the V-sign was widely distributed on social networks but then replaced by another picture that went viral on Twitter showing an ISIS militant holding a decapitated head of a female figure, claiming it belonged to the Kurdish female fighter “Rehana”.

The Kurdish journalist, Pawan Durani, reported today that the famous Kurdish fighter is still alive and hunting ISIS fighters in the strategic town of Kobani. Durani wrote “Rehana is very much alive. ISIS supporters are just trying to lift morale.”

“Rehana keeps fighting and hunting ISIS militants in Kobani. Let them produce even a single picture of Rehana. Propaganda and falsehood run in their blood.”

Rehana, has become a famous symbol after she killed more than a hundred ISIS militants in Ain Al-Arab, Kobani. Rehana is fighting for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which includes an Independent Women’s Battalion for female volunteers.

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    • İsis or kurdish aniamls? Of corse i choose isis! Thank you so much isis! You are on the right way. Kurdish animals always fascist. where have u been, while jewish killing innocent palestinians or sisi killing innocent Egypt people or usa killing innocent Irak people or many innocents dying in Syria??? Hmmm now kurdish animals dying and is paining and angering u? Ur a two faced animal.!

      • Yeah, because everyone who is not on your “side” (not islamists) are obviously innocent, being targeted, and must rise up in arms to free themselves! Right? Is that whar you’re saying?

      • It’ll be interesting when ISIS begins spawning in Turkey. I can’t see things going well for a nation that isn’t very religious.

      • Isis or turkish terrorist regime or Iranian terrorist state? NO all = saddam faith therefor non of them eexcept kurdish democratic people who repels isis terrorist & turkish faciest state with its terrorist people !! This photo is fake according to our chief intelegent isis added this photo to cause a psychological war fare however the brave female fighter currently stationed in North kurdistan safe & sound . As for the enemy of kurdish people such as Turkey and isis terrorist that include Iranian regime we as kurdistan are all the same . Pkk . PKK .Pdk or PYG. We will not stop till the regime of Turkey knell on its weak knee inshaAllah we will take Ankara or defeated the regime same like we defeated Arab terrorist like saddam husain we technically run failed iraqi state god willing we will be Greater kurdistan again . Hahaha failed turkish b regime discraced is Islam same like rotten kemal atatu or dog sorry lol

        • Hey b*****d;
          if Iranian did not defend you Kurd and Iraqis, All of you have been beheaded like this girl.
          How do you dare to talk about Iranians like that while you all owe Iran before and after Saddam and especially now.
          you are so dirty

      • The biggest liar, redirection and obfuscation of truth is the fascist totalitarian state of turkey.

        For 9 decades it has mastered the bizzare and absurd art of lies and anti propaganda against Kurds while trying to eradicate their culture and heritage and even their lives.

        Your government has killed kurdish civilians in tens of thousands and decimated thousands of villages while leaving millions of kurds homeless and then you have the audacity to talk about the atroceties of PKK? PKK was a symptom of decades of oppression, injustice and deaths on kurdish civilians caused by the turkish military.

        As soon as you hear the word Kurdistan you get into an epileptic seizure- like trance yelling and demanding that people ignore that “non existant” word and apologise etc which is extremely peculiar knowing that your great leader actually used kurdistan and the word kurds in his documents. This leaves me to believe that turkey is becoming a worse fascist state by the generation.

        It is also very sad that you do not see the hipocrisy in your statement regarding palestinians being misstreated while your government commits one atrocious act after the other against kurds today.

        All this while still denying the Armenian genocide and blaming Kurds for everything although clearly the kurds were pawns and doing the bidding of the ottomans. I am very happy that the Kurdish regional government elucidated this and gave a formal apology on behalf of the kurds involved in this unacceptable and sad atrocity because the last thing we need is becoming you- thd true snakes on this planet and the aider of ISIS.

        Regarding the armenian genocide you can start by researching the “Tehcir Law” which yoyr government went by to justify its butchering of the Armenian people.

        Also judging by your choice of rhetorics such as addressing kurds as “kurdish animals” pretty much proves my case.

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      • ISIS fighters are cowards and sissy-men who get their jollies killing innocent, unarmed, and harmless people. When these morons are killed I can just hear them as they scream their way into Hell. Satan awaits you dirtbags and the sooner you get to him whom you worship in your dark, asinine hearts, the better for the rest of us.

        There will be no peace for anyone who joins ISIS. You, like the Nazis before you, will be hunted forever and squashed like bugs. We are tracking your dumb asses and we will exterminate you all.

        • Just wait a minute Brent Adam, it sounds like you are praising satan. First of all, It is a corrupt way to live. and pure evil, they do deserve execution for what they have done. But do not give satan glory in any way shape of form. By you posting these things you say, is showing people to fill there hearts with hate. Only God will judge, not you, or anyone else.

      • Ali Cakir, As you may know Cakir(Chakir) means slave in word. Yes U are a slave. U call Kurds Animals? I am not a Kurd. But all I know is u Ekhvani Erdoganist will destroy Turkey with your Islamo-Fascist Ideology.

      • Really?! Isis is so innocent?! Wtf is wrong with you?! I’m sorry but “innocent” people don’t force 10 year old little girls into marriage and beat their wives and behead young beautiful girls who are there to help the people of another country. “innocent” people don’t believe that if your not of their religion then you must die! “innocent” people don’t rape women and children and then kill them if they aren’t virgins after that! “innocent” people don’t do what your whole religion is about! But you know what…I’m an innocent person..and this is what innocent people do. I am going to forgive you and pray for you because that’s all I can do for ignorant people like you..i feel so sorry for evil people like you. May my true loving god have mercy on your soul.. Because innocent people forgive and show love and kindness and don’t force their religion on people by killing them..because true innocent people believe in equality for men and women and don’t beat and rape innocent children..May god have mercy on you..God bless America!

      • ISIS and all those “Jihadi Muslims” are trained, armed & financed by Israel, The West & the US… And they’re not doing it because they love or value Democracy & Freedom…

    • ISIS group is just like an animal which has tasted human blood and they want again and again. Or I can say they are Ebola virus for which there is no remedy. They are not human values forget about religion.

      These people have no right to live in this world.

      One should not express the sympathy just act by surrounding them and destroy them from the route.

      We should not waste the time, we need immediate action.

    • Please God I mean jesus who is mentioned In your Quran more then Mohamed . Lmao our prophet was reborn and witnessed. Come to the USA we need target practice ( ;

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    • Thanks a lot friend , i can not sleep because this foto. I hope Rehana is ok ,but this scam kill some others girl ! You safe me with this info ! THANKS

  1. What ever is this, This not Islam. But remember Justice will come from Allah surely with out any doubt. May be late but time bound. My heart bleeds to so the blood in Arabia. At the end all are humans, but wild like this . I never imagine, what and who will achieve what. How human blood is flown like river.

    This not Islam. Islam gives peace and love. Not hate and never ever killing of even a plant.

    Shame the leader around. Who can feel the pain of other fellow people.

    • Pearl i see many wars but brutal army like ISIS i did not see . I am catholic from EU and trust me when i see how ISIS kill with no mercy , with smile i want to come in Iraq to fight against them . They not have faith ,army from hell !

    • Justice WILL NOT come from allah, as he is busy burning in agony in hell for the rest of eternity, because he rejected God.

  2. The grinning apeman makes you realise what a barbaric sub species we are dealing with here, these IS scum are like something from the dark ages, with their murderous thuggery and evil religious beliefs they would have us all back in the stone age given half the chance. Like the vermin they are they all need to be eradicated every last one of them.

  3. I don’t know her status but that pic of him holding that head is very old. I saw that pic posted long time ago, and even then it looked photo shop.

  4. Whats the point of defending Kobani sooner or latter they will capture Baghdad ! .
    The Americans will be the first to run away from their ambassy..just like the fall or Saigon
    to the vietkongs in the Vietnam War..Then they ll go for holiday in Hawaii..relax..sun bathing..

    If you are still alive please apply to migrate to US,Canada,or Australia there you can start
    all over again. 🙂

    • Guy in the photo is “high”. It seems that I’d be against the rules. Amphetamines have fallen from IS pockets since they started this war. You can die from these drugs alone. They make you crazy. This is the look from use of that drug. I’ve seen him often in photos. He has distinct features; whereas, most Kurdish fighters have the long brown pony tails. Don’t think it’s her. She has a widows-peak at the top of her forehead.

  5. The Muslim’s are all to blame for these crimes. They do not have equality of the sexes. They uphold Sharia Law (which is completely one sided). They deny each other the right of choice by forbidding to quit the Muslim Faith. Whenever we hear of beheadings in the 21st Century you automatically know it is a Muslim. Whenever we hear about acid attacks in the 21st Century you know it is a muslim. Whenever we hear of honour killings and stoning we know it is the Muslim… stop calling it ISIS or Taliban or pointing to a specific Country they are everywhere….we need to make it illegal to practice this cult, because it is clear they have no controls for themselves.

  6. Isis are takfiris not islam are wild animals not human but alas their master is daudi arabia and qatar…they all go to hell for killing of innocent civilian…
    .they dont know the real iterpretation of islam and jihad…really they are the follower of yazid..we should eliminate them without any hesitation bevoz they are devils..

  7. The Picture you are looking at Has Been doctored up You can tell. The head that the guy is holding don’t even look like her The Picture has been messed with, whats funny her hair don’t look that long the Eye Brows are not even the same and you can tell the Nose is not the same This Photo is messed up and all i need to say is ISIS needs to be stopped hell is waiting for all of them

    • People aren’t even reading the article. The angles of the face are different, why don’t people observe, instead of having an emotional reaction to everything. The world would be better off if it were rational.

  8. Looks photo shopped. But also – check the eyebrows on both pics, and the colour of her hair. It actually looks like a different person.

  9. I hope it is not her, but if it is she gave her life for a cause to save her people, more people need to be like her, I don’t understand why so many Muslim youth is attracted to this violent group, it is easy to be a holy warrior against unarmed civilians, however people like Rehana are the real warriors. people need to get wise and turn on these monsters, it is time to take a stand and destroy these cowards. RIP Rehana may your sacrifice not be in vain.

  10. So what if they killed her. All civilians left kobani, only ypg and pkk are there. She belongs to the terrorist group, that shot 3 soldiers who were in civilians clothes in the back. They were shopping. 200.000 left kobani. Not because they cant fight, but refused to fight for the ypg. They even kill and torture their own people. That`s also the reason, why they wont allow peshmerga to help them. First 2000, than 200 and now 150 are maybe allowed to enter kobani. They are afraid of loosing control over the kurds they suppres.

    • First terrorist in the Islam was the self proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakar and his successor Umar Ibn Khattab who instead of participating in the funeral of their son-in-law (Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) went to saqifa to hatch conspiracy to gain power and their illegal occupation of Islamic throne laid the foundation of political Islam- a cancer to Islam. Later the Caliphate was grabbed by Muawiya whose animosity towards Prophet and Islam was well known and who himself and his father Abu Sufyan disguised themselves as muslims as all their attempt to assassinate Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) failed and no option was left with these bastards except pretending to accept Islam. Now in the modern world wahabis, slaafis are all terrorists.

    • Abu, I hope your safe? Beware the influx of chicken stranglers for they are Allah’s messengers who will happily oblige in sending you and your followers to Hell

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    • If You Islamic scum even attempt to come to America you will be met by more than 320 million guns, and 72 million owned by women and our ammunition is fabricated with pig fat I am dead serious. So be my guest you will never get to Allah….

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    • So you are a hero for saying that. F… You and your stupid Muslim religion. You all will die and rot in hell you b*****d. I hate all of you.

  11. Oh poor deluded Abu Ibrahim the more you threaten a free society the resolve you give them to resist oppression. As a Christian I’m open to Islam and their beliefs as true Islam is open to Christianity and the Koran states they are true believers too. Unfortunately it is fringe groups like IS sponsored by oil money that continue drive the radical views of a repressive, insane minority that dont deserve to draw breath on Gods (Allah’s) earth. Any man of religion who holds a women’s head aloft and smiles obviously has a mummy issue and has a steroid shrunken p***s that is incapable of breading?

  12. who are isis ?
    They are the most holy people of the most peaceful religion of the whole universe, they are those people who read their holy book by heart , and do all the things that their pioneer taught them do.
    so they are killing all their own people who did not read and failed in exam .

  13. Those who believe that the death of an ISIS fighter makes the world a better place are as stupid as they are. Every life is sacred, and the death of a person does not solve the problem, but makes it worse. The side which stopps the killing wins, because they finally figured out what peace means. ISIS thinks killing is the way to get what they want… but aren’t we doing the same? Trying to convince them our ideology is the right one? Well, it’s not. I dont know of a religion, an ethnic group or a country who did only good, what matters are those people trying to do everything they can to make the wold a better place. But not by trying to convince others to believe in the same they do, but by spreading love and safety. Every bit of pain or suffering isn’t worth it, no matter what your cause is. Those who understand that you can only try to make the world a better place if you don’t hurt, those are my “gods”.

    • Sorry Cyril we have done that previously letting insane groups do what they like before stepping in. Look back in history

      • @za
        No, of course not. let me clarify thet in my answer to
        @James Oz
        Sorry for not making my point clear.
        I absolutely think ISIS (at least the ISIS the media speaks about) should be fought. What they do is horribly wrong and not in any way acceptable. But, I don’t think that the death of 300 ISIS Soldiers is “good news”, as many media report.
        Many of those people have been brainwashed, some of them would have been nice people if they’d grown up somewhere else, or if they’d moved somewhere else before the fights. Some of these are captured soldiers, so who fight for them so they do not get killed.

        The problem is – in my opinion – the missing system. The problem are the leaders of such groups, they suddenly get power, power to do something they don’t have to be responsible for. Take the Milgram-Experiment, it proved that a good person can do incredibly horrible things if they’ve been given authority. Or in case of the “lower ranked ISIS soldiers” the the Stanford-Prison-Experiment, where normal people became brutal when told so.
        I believe little of the ISIS people are “bad”, the most of them are so much brainwashed that they forgot how to decide whether the things they do are right or wrong.
        I could write for hours on whether who’s fault it is, but I definitely don’t think that the soldiers who got killed are the ones to blame. The ones to blame are not those who die, the ones to blame are far more dangerous than the ones that shoot the weapons. The ones that order them, the ones that sell the weapons to the leaders, the ones that failed to build a system that puts away those who order these horrible crimes before they even get the chance to build their own system in which such things are not only accepted, but seen by those who’d have been normal people as the only way to solve their problem or way of thinking, a problem they would’ve never had if it wouldn’t have been put in their minds by their “leaders”.

        Short: I don’t think the ones we fight are the ones responsible for what they do, and thus not our enemies. Of course its a long shot and easier told than done, but shouldn’t we try to save everybody who’s worth it?
        I don’t belive there’s “the one” god, but I believe in all of us, and there are a lot of bad people, but most of them are born good, the only differnence whether you become good or bad is how you’ve been raised (and not just your parents, no I mean raised and taught until you’re old). Well, as I said this subject could fill hundrets of books. And as @za asked, no.. I don’t have an answer, but we could start with seeing those people as people who are (or if you like to say so: were) good people, who started to stand up for something they didn’t know where it leads them. The question is now how to convince them to rethink their ideology and see that what they’re doing is wrong. But I for sure know one thing, it definitely wont be done with weapons and more deaths.

  14. I hope the Turkish government are happy now for delaying the release of those Kurdish troops, wanting to help their side against Isis.

    • If they are the most peaceful religion they will not be doing all this rubbish. They are nothing but troublemakers. They have the most stupidest religion . The world will be much more peaceful without the Muslims. Don’t you agree? These people are nothing but pigs and murderers. God does not allow these kind of behavior. Their time will be here soon when they will rot in hell.

  15. Look at this smiling scumbag.This guy is not a human being he is devil (إبليس) incarante like the hole ISIS is.

  16. The Truth is this. I have been raised in a very religious family. I even went to a religious school growing up. Now that I am 40 years old, I have come to my own educated belief that it is religion that is evil in this world. I am not religious in any way, shape or form but I am a peaceful, loving man who has been faithfully married for over 20 years and has raised 5 children. I wish no violence on my enemies. I help the weak and poor whenever I can. Every religion I have learned about in college is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths and unimaginable suffering in this world over the centuries. What good has religion brought this world except “Hope”? I’m sorry, but “Hope” ain’t worth the misery that religion has shown me. Call me a blasphemist or infidel if that makes you feel better but “The Truth” is the only thing that will truly bring peace to our Earth.

  17. ISIS is just like a big jolk…this picture ist produced with montage and nothing true on it…the head without blood…the face is smilling…oh God …they are very stupid and with thier propagande showing what a mentality that they have…all in hell inshalla…viva iraq, syria…and long life to all the fighters whatever the nationality and racess that they have…

  18. We have Ebola and ISIS. similar problems.
    ISIS is the latest mutation of the virus started, in modern history, as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1920 and 30 s .
    It has always been fundamentally traditonal conservative based religious and backwards. The aim is to stop modernity the modern world and at the same time increase the power og the Arabic people and reduce the influence of the western civilisation. It is intended to give pride and restore the old powerful Caliphat or Islamic geographical INFLUENCE SPHERE.
    To increase the power and status of yourself on th cost of someone else is a positive thing for many individuals.
    The solution is a hierarchy with the ISIS at the top, their women under, other less faithful Sunnis under them, beneath them the Shias, then the christians, and under them the Pagans and heathens and Bahais an Ahmadians.
    ISIS also give you instant gratification you get to have sex with prisoners and you get slaves to serve you. And you get women to marry (those who want to live and do not dare to say no.
    This is my description of th problem.
    The solution is to isolate and erradite the virus.

  19. Non sense that pic been around for a long time. ISIS obviously panders to the low intelligent population! called useful idiots. They will murder, mane and basically go against the religion why making excuses why they should do it. The higher ranks rake in money, oil and live like kings. While the fools that follow kill themselves and sell their soul. Useless idiots who will spend time in hell, or worm food. That pretty well sums up ISIS.

  20. My guess would be this isn’t Rehana.
    The head on the picture has no blond hair, Rehana has some blonde hair. Her eyebrows are thin, the head has thicker eyebrows. The hair ends in different places on the forehead too, Rehanna has something similar to a 3 at the top of the forehead, the head has a ( shape.

    This is most likely not a picture of Rehanas head it is another unlucky lady.

  21. ISIS fighters routinely have sex with one another, male on male. It is taught initially in the quran. The prophet Mohammed regularly buggered his male followers as well. Happy homo’s the whole bunch of them. Cheers

  22. Wordless. …..just isis is not a Muslim Coz Islam is not allowing to kill innocent people kids and woman. ……pation is Islam. …
    Isis is monster. ….

  23. They are animals, nobody even think that they are Muslims.
    As a Muslim, we love humanity ,
    we love all nations & respect all religions.
    Everybody has right to live alive including Muslims (Philistine & Kashmir etc.)

  24. IS are not Muslims but only man hunters.They must be driven from the earth. They do not deserve to live in the peaceful world.

  25. Why everyday killing games going on by isis?because they are not a part of human being, they wants to show the power of religious.lf Allaha is a real hero , he punished all the f*****g isis and pray to god for saves thousands of innocent life.

  26. yo’ll m***********s ISIS . Dont think that just beheading a few innocent people will
    scare the s**t out of us . Dont worry we have plenty more actions to take and
    MARK MY WORDS, Once we catch you we will burn you alive ,NO MERCY
    There will be a time when all the nations ,do you hear? ALL THE NATIONS will
    turn against you. and you will be DOOMED.

  27. Religion and religious are two different things.Some misinterpret religion ,they manipulate it,uses it as they desire,which i think a devils task.Issis ! if u r real hero fight to EBOLA fight to GLOBAL WARMING and overcome it ,the world will follow u……

  28. A barbaric religion that believes in virgins in the afterlife, women as second rate citizens and children that have no freedom of religion at all. They are all controlled by war mongering men that live in the dark ages. The world should stop these fanatics or they will take over the world.
    PS, were do the 72 virgins come from, image your daughter being a virgin being left to the likes of some old fart.

    • Phantom, religion in general gives women a second rate status. The Christian religion has done this for two thousand years. Fundamentalist Christianity is no better, they don’t want women in combat or having high status in careers.

  29. Muslims continue to convert to Christianity by the 1000 each day, they are finding and THE POWER of true miracles in their lives ….. An unknown concept in the muslim sects which only follow rules and have no power or peace in their lives.

    Peace and love will save

  30. Gaysis better be happy that we have a reasonable man in the Whitehouse. If there were a Republican President in office, unfortunately I think we would be playing video games with this group right now

  31. ISIS men have a serious problem in that they are filthy beasts without the ability to have sexual relations with a respectable woman, who would reject them every time. When an ISIS man tires of penetrating the goat v****a for 1000 times, he must pay a w***e 7 times extra for her services because she finds him repulsive, or he must behead a woman and only then will he have the opportunity for sexual pleasure with a human.

  32. me Love all thing You wich all isis be head cut off..nobody remember them..or devil in hell whelcome them home ..for a while..not sure he like ..ok better they burn in hell …for ever

  33. First of all, Isis is a bunch of terrorist, they are not Muslims, they are anti islam and anti peace, isis is the enemy of peace. Second isis will never take over America, we will use our brains and find you pieces of s**t and kill you one by one. America spend a month helping the kurdish freedom fighters, they killed many isis scum. Freedom rings in the middle east thanks to the kurds and allies, isis mostly arabs who hate The Western world, yet use western weapons, currency, language, media. We called being a hypocrite. Isis your agenda will fail, you’re people will die. Freedom will succeed. God bless America and God bless the Kurdish people.

  34. your lucky i wont be able to find you ali cikar .. if i could mate i would make you wish you were never born you dirty turk .. calling kurds animals .. who are the ones raping innocent women and children .. who are the ones letting isis militantts into hospitals .. its your people .. but i hope those putrid dogs get to your family .. and i hope that .. theyll take a photo of your families heads being help in their hand. much love you dog

  35. we help to our kurdish brothers and sisters cuz we are persian not arab and not dirty turks…we all know iranian special forces and ours hiddens fighters help to kurdistan and iraq to fight back against isis cowards…Lebanon hezbollah and iranian ghods forces kill many of isis as.s.h.o.les…

    see this clip this is hezbollah hunters that iran armed them…we all are humans be unify when a rubbish & smelly s**t (isis) kill ordinary people…if i were u and they kill one of my people i swear i give my head to kill at least 100 isis fighters…

  36. Let’s pray that Rehana, Peshmerga and all the people who fight against ISIS survive to feel victories. They (ISIS) didn’t following the true Islamic teaching. They just humilating this holy religon.

  37. You should some one to look at the images closer before you claim it’s the same woman the hair line is patently different as is the face shape and nose ,,,,as for the crime of beheading women and children welcome to the lake of fire God has provided for your eternal soul ,,,,,women and the orphaned ,,,top of Gods love list ,,,, you guys must be feeling you socks burning by now ,may the eyes of your victims never ever let you sleep ever ,,,,,,If your God is great ,you are his biggest joke and shame you must make him repent you ever were born ,,,

  38. i’m happy daesh found someone who kicked their a*s all around the place. keep doing it YPG your the best.

  39. All religions are evil period all written by man with a agenda of genocide,slavery,power,hatred there are no real gods period get it live and let live freely real peace.

  40. Even in death she’s beautiful. This is a modern day joan of arc. She’s even smiling and you know she’s in heaven and owns the glory of killing hell bound isis queers.

    • the fact that her mouth is closed dose tend to lead me to think photo shop dead peoples mouths usualy drop open if you pickup the head you will find multiple references to it if you lookup french revolution

  41. So s**t is happend in 2 WW on Polish Citzens in Wołyn… We should End the Terror and Kill them all !! So s**t have no Rights to Walk on this Planet! F**K ISIS

  42. Comment:The time has for these stone hearted IS to be beheaded in return.They can’t play in the name of holy muslims to quench their satanic thirst.ISIS as a a group is against human beings .ISISes are devils .ISIS is a challenge for the developed nations.You need to organize and do your best to get rid of ISIS from the surface of this lovely planet like dinausers…

  43. I am almost certain you look better wearing a head dress from a Kuwaiti computer in 1985, ISIS fighter. Did you enjoy your Pita on Yahoo! Chat? ISIS couldn’t trade dead bodies if their mothers were cleaning footprints in a Mosque!

  44. cause only killing shows that killing dosnt pay.
    its pretty ironic watching people call for the death of people because of the death of other people.

    i hope it was just a photoshop video the CIA/ISIS/MOSAD/MI5 are pretty good at that.

    kurds have gota be one of the longest suffering people in the region as longer then palestine.

    3 times the west has said they would back them against murderous animals 3 times have we betrayed them.

    our downfall is purely of our own making, some would call it karmic, i call it cause and effect

    (PS isnt it funny that of all the acronyms listed the only one google thinks is misspelt is mosad?)

    it also sucks that i have to use multiple VPN’s just to get to your site from my country(australia) via FB the west has become very stalinist of late

  45. ISIS will be destroyed! The caliphate will go down in defeat and young IS wives will be given freedom to education and Christian love and domestic tranquility in my beautiful home in the USA. 🙂

  46. Try to take over america you freaking animal the us defeated the greatest modern army in history . Iis are nothing but f****t camel humping vermin . They are not real soldiers . The only reason they appeared to be tough is because the tango iraqi army dropped their guns and fled like the cowards they really are . That army we defeated was the great german army in ww 2 . The noble enemy I fought against in Vietnam was a million times tougher and skilled than those rapists and c*m sucking isis thugs ever thought of being . From a real warrior vietnam combat veteran .

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